Purple Ombre Faceted Jewel Bracelet

If you spend any time with me, you’ll come to learn that I love the color purple.  I wear a lot of it.  When I find things that are purple, I’m instantly drawn to them.  The color just makes me happy.   Do you have a color like that?  I also seem to really like dangle, charm bracelets, or perhaps I just like making them?  (I’ve made this one for swim team, and this Harry Potter one, in the past 3 months.)  In April, Kara over Happy Go Lucky made these awesome earrings, and I won them.  They are my most favorite earrings!  I wear them constantly.  And even better, little Monkey loves my beautiful ombre purple earrings.  He enjoys hitting the, and watching them swing in my ears.  This past weekend, I was at Michael’s and saw some Martha Stewart purple ombre faceted beads that were on sale.  After admiring the color for a moment or two, I realized that they would go with the beautiful earrings that Kara made.   I got the beads home, and decided to make a quick and easy purple ombre bracelet!

My Mom Made That: Purple Ombre Bracelet

To make this bracelet, I needed the faceted Czech beads from Martha Stewart, a lobster clasp, 3 different sized jump rings, head pins, and chain.  The largest jump rings were 8mm, the medium sized were 6mm, and the smallest were 4mm.

My Mom Made That: Purple Ombre Bracelet

First, I measured a length of chain that would fit my wrist, and then attached the lobster clasp to the chain with a small (4mm) jump ring.  I used 2 packages of beads, so I had 64 beads in total, in 4 different shades of purple, meaning I had 16 beads in each shade of purple.

I used head pins and followed One Artsy Mama’s wire wrapping vlog tutorial to create loops to attach to the chain.  I kept the 4 shades of purple separate, as I wanted to keep the ombre effect that initially attracted me to the beads.  Next,  I identified the center of the chain.  It wasn’t the exact center, but rather where I wanted the center to be.  I would say that it was several links closer to the clasp that the “true” center of the chain.  I then took a large jump ring, and put 4 of the darkest purple beads on this jump ring.  I attached the largest jump ring to the middle of the chain.

My Mom Made That: Purple Ombre Bracelet

Then I took the rest of the darkest purple beads and paired them up, leaving 4 separate from the rest.  I put two of the darkest purple beads on the medium jump ring, and then attached them to either side of the “center” point.  I put 2 of the medium jump rings (so 4 beads total), on each side of the center point.  Then I took a medium jump ring, and took the 4 remaining darkest beads, and paired them with 4 of the next shade of purple beads.  I put one of the darkest and one of the 2nd darkest shade on each of the 4 jump rings.  I put 2 jump rings with the beads on each side of the center.

My Mom Made That: Purple Ombre Bracelet

I kept up this technique, blending 4 beads of one shade of purple with 4 beads of the next shade of purple, until I was down to 12 beads with the lightest shade purple.  (I used 4 of the lightest shade of purple, with 4 beads from the 2nd lightest shade of purple).  I then put one of the lightest beads on the smallest (4mm) jump ring.  This means that the lightest shade of purple had 6 jump rings on each side, rather than just 3 jump rings.

My Mom Made That: Purple Ombre Bracelet

When I attached the last of those pale purple beads, I had a pretty purple bracelet to go with the beautiful earrings that Kara made!  I’m very happy with how it turned out.  What do you think?  Oh, and because I want you to see the inspiration piece by Kara, here are the earrings.  I took a quick photo of them on the day that my happy mail arrived.  Aren’t they gorgeous!  Kara is very talented!

My Mom Made That: Purple Ombre Bracelet Post (earrings that inspired bracelet from Happy Go Lucky Blog)

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  1. So pretty and delicate! Love the purple color! Thanks so much for sharing ! Would love to have you visit my blog sometime.
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. I’m glad you loved the earrings. Your bracelet is gorgeous!! You did a fabulous job!

  3. I love the bracelet! I have always wondered how to use head pins. I make jewelry, but not really beaded jewelry. For some reason, it scares me! I’ll get brave one of these days, though!

  4. That bracelet is gorgeous, great job on it! Pinning for sure, and thanks so much for sharing at my link party!

  5. This is REALLY pretty, Em!

  6. Very pretty! I love the purple. I have never got the nerve to make my own jewelry.

  7. Gorgeous! I love the color. Jewelry making is one of my hobbies. Now I need to make one of these 🙂

  8. Deb @ Kneaded Creations says:

    So pretty! Thanks for sharing it on the OBC Friday nite Pin Party. My daughter will enjoy making this bracelet. Deb @ Kneaded Creations

  9. Emily, now I know why I like you, ’cause purple is my favorite color, too. 🙂 Your bracelet is gorgeous and makes me want to jump and try jewelry making. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

  10. Hi Emily,
    Jumping over from Life After Laundry. I LOVE this bracelet. I made a bracelet using those same beads in green. I’m working on something similar with seed beads. It’s just so time consuming isn’t it? Great job. Glad you got featured.

  11. Gorgeous!! Nicely done 😉


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