Floral Note Cards for Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  I hope that every mother out there got to feel appreciated and loved, be you a mommy of an itty-bitty, kiddo, tween, teen or grown child.  I must say that I was really touched by a post I read over at One Artsy Mama about Mother’s Day, and I would very much encourage you to read it if you get a chance.  It really speaks to the emotions behind Mother’s Day. Around here we had a nice busy day.  The Big One and my lovely husband, the Mellow Man spent the day watching the Little Monkey and cleaning the house for me!  Isn’t that amazing?  I had already gotten my Mother’s Day gift, of my new domain and this blog!   This year, I made gifts for my mother and mother-in-law, and specifically made my mother-in-law a floral note card set with a matching Mother’s Day card with my trusty Silhouette Portrait.  One of the great things about the Silhouette, is the ability to create custom card sets, and this particular one include two cards for “Hello,” “Thank You,” and “Get Well.”

My Mom Made That: Floral Notecard Set

To start the project, I first found several flowers by Echo Park that I really liked, and word art for the gift cards, and set out a complementary palette of cardstock for the chosen designs. Some of the card designs that you can make with the Silhouette make the entire card, and include a perforations, but for this, I used a set of premade cards that I purchased, and attached the cut designs to these cards with a glue stick.  So, besides my Silhouette all I needed to make this set of six card and the matching Mother’s Day card were the following items:

  • Set of Kraft paper cards that I got from a local craft store
  • Colored card stock
  • Gluesticks
  • Silhouette Weeding Tool
  • Baker’s Twine (for presentation at the end)
  • “Made by Me” stamp for back of cards

My Mom Made That: Floral Notecard Set

This type of card-making is fairly simple, but a bit time consuming.  The biggest thing that can be a challenge is making sure that you cut all of the different layers.  Often times when you get a Silhouette cut file, it takes a little visualization to see how to lay out each piece, and which part should be cut out in which color.  If you refer back to the image in your collection of cut files, it can really help you determine how you should layer them, and what colors each piece you should. Additionally, when you are cutting multiple designs at once, the process becomes even more complicated.  Here are a few tips that I have learned:

  • Open one project for each color that you will be using, and save the file by the color.  For example, with this project, I had “Dark Pink Floral Cards,” “Yellow Floral Cards,” and “Blue Floral Cards.”
  • Open a blank project file to open the cut files into.  Then you can size and ungroup them before moving the pieces into the right “Color file.”
  • Set up an assembly line for each piece that you will be using.
  • Make a few spares of the tiny or intricate pieces.  (Every time I don’t do this, I end up having to cut a few more as I’ve either lost the ones I made, or damaged them in some way.)
  • Cut the files in a systematic way– I start with the largest background items, and move to the smaller detailed pieces.  That way while the machine is working, you can be piecing the card together.

My Mom Made That: Floral Notecard Set

To make these cards, I started by cutting out the background frame that was in white, and then pink rectangle behind it.  The pink rectangle is simply rectangular frame with the interior design of the frame removed.  I attached the pink rectangle to the white frame, and then added the word art to both the inside and outside of the card.  The next step was the addition of the green leaves, and the medium pink tones.  Again, I was working from largest to smallest, and added each layer to all of the cards before moving on to the next layer.  This allows the glue to dry a bit as you are stacking the layers.

My Mom Made That: Floral Notecard Set

I had a word art file that said, “Hello,” and I really liked the font and style of the word art.  However, I wanted the “Hello” cards to also have a message on the outside.  To do this I typed out “Just wanted to say,” in a font that was similar to the original  word art.  I then moved the words around and welded them together to create my own wordart.  Here’s what the inside of the Hello card looked like:

My Mom Made That: Floral Notecard Set

Once I had pieced together all of the layers, and had allowed the 7 cards (the 6 blank cards and the Mother’s Day card) to dry, I used my stamp and a black inkpad to stamp a “handmade” marking on the back of each card.  Everyone except the Little Monkey signed the matching Mother’s Day card, and I tied together the remaining 6 matching notecards with a piece of turquoise baker’s twine.

My Mom Made That: Floral Notecard Set

The great thing about this set, is you have a gift card that completely matches the gift that you are giving away!  Plus, if you use a simple, pleasing design, it will suit a variety of card occasions.  The flowers were visually pleasing but general enough to suit a Mother’s Day card, a “hello” card, a “Get Well Soon,” card and a “Thank You” card.

My Mom Made That: Floral Notecard Set

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  1. I separate my files by color too! I love that trick! I hadn’t thought about starting to build the card while the other pieces are cutting though – I’ll have to keep that in mind next time!

  2. Very cute, I love getting homemade gifts from my kids. 😉

  3. These cards are so sweet! Thanks for sharing them!!

  4. Emily, this is such a sweet idea! I love giving sets of cards as gifts, and using the Silhouette makes doing it so easy! I actually cut and assembled some simple notecards for my mil during her last visit as a birthday gift. I like the designs you chose, great job!

  5. Emily,
    Beautiful stationary is a favorite of mine and your cards are just lovely! I like that you coordinate the card with the gift for a perfect presentation. I do that too. Makes me smile.

  6. These are so sweet Emily! I especially love the little stamp on the back!

  7. Very pretty, fun and sweet. Thanks for sharing.


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