Super Mario Brothers Perler Bead Fan Art

Super Mario Brothers games are kind of the Mellow Man’s thing.  We have gaming systems that are for the whole family, but the Mellow Man is the master of Super Mario Brothers.  He’s told me that he first got hooked on the original Super Mario Brothers on the NES system in the late 80’s.  He also played Donkey Kong before that.  Since the original game, he has every Mario Brothers game that nintendo released.  It’s the main reason we got a WiiU– to play the new MarioKart and Super Mario Brothers.  I get him a lot of Mario Brothers related gifts, and fan art.   While I usually buy his Super Mario Art, for Father’s Day, I decided to make him a present for his office using a painting canvas and Perler beads (affiliate link).  I love how it turned out, and thought he could put it next to his “Seriously” sign.

Mario Brother Perler Bead Fan Art

This project was inspired entirely by Pinterest searches for Mario Brothers.  There are a ton of great Mario Brother crafts out there.  In fact I have an entire board of ideas for projects.  When I did a search for Mario Brothers, this image came up:

Mario Brother Perler Bead Fan Art

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I loved the clever pun.  The red mushroom that makes Mario and Luigi grow saying, “Grow Up,” and the green 1-up mushroom saying, “Get a life.”  I couldn’t wait for Mellow Man to have my version of this image.  I wondered if I could recreate the image with Perler beads and a painting canvas.  Perler (or melty) beads are great for themes like Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda or PacMan.  They really give the designs you make the characteristics and features of the original 8-Bit images.  (Fair warning here… there are more Perler Mario Brothers Designs forthcoming!)

Mario Brother Perler Bead Fan Art

I started the project by finding mushroom patterns. They are everywhere. There are many options for a wide variety of Perler Mario Brother Mushroom designs. If you go to Pinterest and type in those keywords, you should be able to select your favorite color and the nuances that suit you best.  However, I used this image as my template.

Mario Brother Perler Bead Fan Art

After I made the mushrooms, I divided a 11 X 17 canvas with a piece of masking tape.  I measured to 8.5 inches up the canvas.  The edge of the tape should be lined up with the exact middle.  I then painted the side with the full 8.5 inches of canvas red.  Once the paint dried, I removed the tape, and then used a second piece of tape across the red paint, and painted the bottom half of the canvas green.

Mario Brother Perler Bead Fan Art

While the canvas was drying, I made the phrases, “Grow Up,” and “Get a life,” out of white pearler beads. (If you don’t want to freehand design it, there are many alphabet patterns that are available online.) I just didn’t find one that suited me perfectly, so I pieced together different alphabets to create my look.

Once the canvas was dry, I used craft Glue Dots (affiliate link) to adhere the phrases and mushrooms to the canvas.  I used a ruler to make sure that everything was lined up.  It took quite a few glue dots to make everything stick.  I would encourage you to not use the removable kind, nor the permanent kind.  The craft Glue Dots have just enough give to be able to quickly straighten them if needs be.

With the phrases and mushrooms in place, I stepped back to admire my fan art!  I loved how it turned out!

Mario Brother Perler Bead Fan Art


I hope the Mellow Man loves it as much as I do.  Are you making the dads in your life something special for Father’s Day?


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