Sea Creature Handprint T-Shirts

Summertime around here means a lot of time chasing my little ones building memories. The Little Monkey’s favorite thing to do these days is to “Hep [sic] You!”   Additionally, he loves creating, as evidenced by the colorful designs all over our walls. One of the best ways to channel his creative energy is to come up with fast and easy craft projects that he can do “all by myself.” This Sea Creature Handprint T-Shirt is one of those projects. It took about 15 minutes to make, and he loved doing it. He was very proud of designing his own t-shirt, and even selected the sea creature that he wanted to make. (I gave him a choice between a crab and an octopus.)

My Mom Made That: Sea Creature Handprint T Shirts *Easy Toddler Craft*

This project is super easy, and something that can be done with a toddler’s attention span.   All you need is a pre-washed t-shirt. I went with white, but the color choice is yours. I also used standard craft paint, and fabric paint medium. (This is an additive that you can mix with standard craft paint to allow for its use on Fabric.)

My Mom Made That: Sea Creature Handprint T Shirts *Easy Toddler Craft*

Before I called my enthusiastic toddler over to paint I did two things. First, I premixed the paint with the fabric medium because toddlers are impatient, Second, I took the Little Monkey’s shirt off before I painted his hands. I have learned the hard way that toddlers plus paint equal mess… and stains.

My Mom Made That: Sea Creature Handprint T Shirts *Easy Toddler Craft*

I painted one hand first, but I didn’t paint the thumb. I just painted his four fingers and palm with paint, and then I let him place it on the shirt. I helped press his fingers into the shirt material. Then I washed the messy hand before painting and placing the second hand. I did a lot more assistance and guidance with the second hand—this helps makes sure that the octopus has a reasonable looking body.

My Mom Made That: Sea Creature Handprint T Shirts *Easy Toddler Craft*

Finally, I let the Little Monkey paint eyes and a mouth on his Octopus. (Yes, for your individuals who expect realistic designs, I know that the octopus doesn’t really have a smiley faced mouth, but it looks cute!)  That’s it– super quick, and super cute!


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