7 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with A Teen Boy

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We have two bathrooms in our house. For most homes that would mean that there is a parents’ bathroom, and a kids’ bathroom. Somehow it didn’t work out that way in our house. Instead, the Littles share one bathroom with the Mellow Man, and the Big One and I am now sharing  the bathroom with my teen boy.  Up until the past year or so, I didn’t have many complaints.  However, the older he gets, there are new challenges and realities of sharing a bathroom with him.  On the upside, this is partially due to the fact that he is showing a greater concern for personal hygiene.  On the downside, sharing a bathroom with a teen is now creating many more Clorox® moments for me than I ever imagined I would have!

My Mom Made That: 6 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with a Teenaged Boy

1) Showers will either be 30 seconds or 30 minutes. There is no in-between. I don’t know what this is, but the Big One either showers forever, so that all of the hot water is used up OR he showers in such a manner that there are still suds in his hair when he gets out! (Yes, this has really happened!) I never know if I will need to yell at him to get out of the shower or to stay in.

2) Aim is a relative thing. You know those cutesy signs that you see for sale on Etsy (see here for an example). The rhymes that go like, “If you sprinkle when you tinkle…” I finally get it! I have been trying to come up with some clever messaging for around the bathroom that would help remind the Big One to raise the seat and aim for the bowl. (If you have any quote ideas, please let me know!)  When I scrub the toilet, I really need to scrub it,  the base, the sides, every side of the seat… if I don’t, everything will smell horrible.  Not entirely sure why this is so different now, and if you are a man, who can explain it to me, I really don’t want to know.  I’d rather continue to have that mystery.

My Mom Made That: 7 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with a Teenaged Boy

3) Body Spray apparently has super powers. I don’t know who tipped the Big One off to this fact, but I’ve learned from other mothers that I do not suffer alone. Teenage boys believe that body sprays somehow can treat any condition. Forget to shower after gym class, a healthy dousing of body spray will reduce the odor. Heading to a co-ed event with a girl you like, body spray will certainly lure her in. Heading to bed, and need a little relaxing aromatherapy, never fear— Evergreen Adventure scented body spray is sure to put you to sleep. As a mom who shares a bathroom with him, I struggle to breathe.

4) Towels and clothes are best left in puddles.  Actually, this is an issue that has been going on since the Big One was old enough to shower unsupervised.  Maybe it’s a boy thing, but all I know is that after a shower, I will find all of his slightly damp clothes in an inside out ball, with an even damper towel next to it.

5) Any towel is fair game.  Maybe it’s just me.  Tell me if I’m alone, but I like to know that my bath towel is, well, mine.  I don’t want everyone else to be using it.  Actually, I don’t want anyone using it– my towel is a personal item.  What I’ve learned is that my bath towel, even if it’s floral, or pink, will become the Big One’s bath towel.  And if my towel isn’t handy, he’ll grab the hand towel.   Hand towels are the exception to Rule #4– they get hung back up, just soaking wet.  I’ve asked about this particular use of the hand towel, and the Big One has explained that he forgets that he needs a towel until he gets out of the shower.

My Mom Made That: 7 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with a Teenaged Boy

6) Mysterious puddles appear on the floor. (Please also see Number #2 & #4.)  Recently, large puddles around the edge of the shower are appearing, but I suspect a lot of the puddles are wet footprints.  I suppose when you feet are growing as quickly as his are, the puddles are going to get larger and larger.

My Mom Made That: 7 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with a Teenaged Boy

7) Nothing ever feels quite clean.  You see, right now, it seems like grime coats most of the bathroom surfaces.  I found toothpaste on the wall today.  Not sure where it came from, but it’s there.  Being the puddles on the floor, the body spray on the counter, and the drips all over the toilet, I need a quick and easy clean up solution.   Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Micro-Scrubbers not only wipe out germs, dirt and grease, they’re textured to scour away any mess that needs a little extra toughness.  I really hate feeling like my bathroom is grimy, and the micro-scrubber texture is tough enough to handle tough messes, and they are a super absorbent and thicker wipe.  I can use them to wipe up the puddles on the floor, scrub the toothpaste off the walls, and make my bathroom counter shine.

My Mom Made That: 7 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with a Teenaged Boy: Sharing a Bathroom with a Teen Boy-9

I know that I only have a few short years until this Big Kid of mine will fly the coop.  And I have mixed feelings about that.  I love having this kid of mine at home, and enjoy watching the man he becomes (although I like that young man much better without body spray!).  On the other hand, I would like to not have to worry about the drips, splatters and smells of sharing a bathroom with him.  Thank goodness that the new Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Micro-Scrubbers do such a good job cleaning and killing germs!  Try them and let me know how they work for you– they are available at Target.

Who do you share a bathroom with, and how to you clean up after them?

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