Easy DIY Conversation Heart Bookmark

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Mellow Man loves Necco Wafers. They are his favorite candy. I don’t get the attraction to them, but I suspect the best part of Valentine’s Day for him is the Sweethearts.  While I don’t find them that delicious, I would definitely say that Sweethearts are an iconic part of Valentine’s Day.  I mean who doesn’t think of conversation hearts when thinking about Valentine’s Day.  Over the past few months, I’ve been gathering dozens of craft ideas for conversation hearts, and there are a lot of ideas out there.  I’ve seen lots of wonderful recreations of the “hearts in clay and salt dough, and a variety of rings and bracelets made with conversations hearts.  I didn’t think that Mellow Man would appreciate jewelry, so I decided to use an actual conversation heart to create my very own, quick and easy DIY Conversation Heart Bookmark.

Easy to make DIY Conversation Book Mark

This is definitely a project that will take you only a few minutes to do, but you’ll have to wait a bit while things are drying.  And the best part– you don’t need to make salt dough, or use polymer clay. You can use the actual Conversation Hearts.

Supplies for Easy DIY Conversation Heart Bookmark

Start by going through the candy and picking out ones that look good and have the right sayings.  Then use the Satin Finish Sealant, making sure that you get even coverage.  Allow the coating on the candy to dry thoroughly, and then turn them over, and spray the sealant on the back side.  **MAKE SURE THAT THE CANDY IS NOW KEPT AWAY FROM YOUR LITTLES!  THEY CANNOT EAT IT, AND THEY WON”T KNOW THAT IT’S BEEN PAINTED!**

Easy to make DIY Conversation Book Mark

You are then going to use your bookmark form (or the blank bobby pins if you want to make a girly  gift), and secure the metal to the sealed candy with Dap Rapid Fuse Glue.  Allow this to dry thoroughly. It should take at least 30 minutes to fully set. The nice thing about the Rapid Fuse Glue is that everything should initially gel into place after a few minutes.  I pressed the heart into the glue on the paperclip bookmark for about a minute before removing my hand, to make sure that it stayed where I wanted, and then I allowed it to dry before messing with it for about an hour.

Easy to make DIY Conversation Book Mark

Once it was dry, it was all set to put in one of Mellow Man’s books, so he’ll remember to “Be Mine,” on Valentine’s Day.

Easy to make DIY Conversation Book Mark

I also made a few bobby pins to show how easy this is to make:

Easy to make DIY Conversation Book Mark

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Happy Crafting!


  1. Love this idea!

  2. I absolutely love these bookmarks, they are adopt! I just might have to make a few of these to use with my planner.

  3. I love these! They are just the right size to make a perfect bookmark, what a great idea.


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