About Me

Hey there, my name is Emily. 


I live in Atlanta, Georgia (pronounced JO-ja) with my four greatest loves: my wonderful husband, and two three boys who are all very remarkable, very bright and very advanced in their own different ways.   My most fundamental and strongest belief is that family is the most important and wonderful thing in the world (particularly my four boys).

My husband, Mellow Man (MM for short), gets his name from the fact that he is convinced that he is a mellow guy.   It’s a running family joke– He is mellow, at least compared to me, but I’m anything but mellow!

My boys,  the “Big One” is somewhere between 12 and 13.  He’s in that awkward stage between tween and teen.  The Little Monkey is a little more than two and half years old.  (BTW, in case you were wondering, those aren’t their real names.) They are separated by 9 years, 11 months and 4 days.

Here they are the day after the Monkey was born:


But, time flies, and this is what my two cuties look like last year:  (Oh, and yes, they both really do adore each other.  They are a joy to watch together. If you ask me, spacing children 10 years apart is perfect.)

Frog and Monkey Updated

In 2014, we learned that we would be expecting another little boy– yup, baby boy #3, and in January 2015, the latest Little Peanut arrived a bit earlier than we expected– he came just 36 hours shy of 37 weeks gestation, making him technically premature.

My Mom Made That: Baby Peanut Picture

The Little Peanut has been a wonderful addition to the family, and is adored by both of his big brothers.  Yes there is jealousy, particularly between the Monkey and the Peanut, but mostly our littlest boy is adored.   He’s the most laid back, easy-going baby I have ever seen, which is a good thing given all of the chaos and noise that already existed in our family!

3 Boys Together

Oh, and before I forget, the 5th and 6th main men in my life are our dachshund/terrier, Buster Black, and our Bahamian Potcake, Angus.  Buster is a 20 pound ball of energy who has never seen a stranger.

daschund terrier dog

Angus is still trying to figure out life in our family, and is very much a toddler.  He and the Little Monkey get into a lot of trouble together.  Angus think that he and the Monkey are litter mates.  However, the Little Peanut is his charge, and he guards that baby with his life.

Angus Wants Monkeys Shake

A Bit More About My Life

I live in a binuclear/bonus/step/blended family.  As a little girl, I never imagined that I would get married, have a baby, get divorced, fall in love again, get married and have more babies.  That’s not something that fairy tales and Barbie prepare you for.  However, it’s the story of my life.  When I talk about parenting and raising kids, I have learned that being in a stepfamily changes things a bit.  Stepfamilies are a lot like other families, but there are some unique challenges and joys of living in this type of family!

In addition to my personal experience with life in a stepfamily, I have a terminal degree in developmental and clinical psychology.  At work, I spend a great deal of time researching how family stresses and different family structures influence children’s outcomes and healthy development.  You’ll see that some of my posts touch upon the challenges of stepfamilies and general aspects of parenting.  I’ve found its easier to know lots about what parenting should like than it is to do everything you are supposed to do as a mother.

 Nine Things you should know about me:

1) I am hopelessly and truly addicted to Diet Coke. (And yes, I wish I didn’t need caffeine the way I do.  I did learn in my undergraduate physiological psychology class that more people are addicted to caffeine than to any other substance in the world!)  I live by the philosophy that I’m getting by on a little bit of caffeine and a whole lot of Jesus.

2) I would define myself as extremely traditional and very liberal. (I’m kinda straight-laced too), and no, that’s not an oxymoron. (And if you’d like to define my political party, I often call myself a Democratic Socialist Libertarian.  Try figuring that one out!)

3) I love purple, more specifically, mulberry.  (If you aren’t sure about the color Mulberry, it’s the color of this blog!)

4) I procrastinate, a lot. It’s a habit I would love to change, but I think it might me less “me.”

5) I yell, and get loud when I’m upset.  I also get loud when I feel passionately about things.  I frequently engage in “Ready, fire, aim” when speaking– I speak first, before realizing that I probably ought to have held my tongue.

6) I am an Atlanta native.  In fact, my family has lived in Atlanta now for 4 generations.  (Actually, it may be five generations, as my grandfather was born in his grandmother’s house in Atlanta.) However, I don’t have much of an accent.

7) I cook with butter and chicken broth.  If the recipe doesn’t call for it, I will try my best to work it in anyways.

8) I have read the Lord of the Rings trilogy over a dozen times, and listened to unabridged audio version more times that I can count.  I have never *not* cried during the last chapter.

9) My philosophy for myself is: “Busy hands, happy heart.”  I have a hard time sitting still.  I like to be busy.  (In case you were wondering, I think Mellow Man’s philosophy for me is: “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”)