About My Mom Made That

I love Children, Crafting and Cooking, and My Mom Made That is a blog that is focused on these three areas. I know a lot about children (hey I did spent 10 years in graduate school studying child development!), and I decent amount about crafting and cooking.

I got the name from something my son started saying to his friends.  He would show things off to the boys he knew, and would say, “Hey, look at this, my Mom Made it!”  Mellow Man would tell people the same kind of thing about dinners I cooked or one of my crafty creations.  It’s made me kind of proud of my crafty and cooking skills.

After working on a number of school projects with the Big One, I do think that he is convinced that I can make almost everything that is craft-related.  If it’s woodworking or tool-related, he turns to my very handy, Mellow Man.  It’s nice to know that my tween believes that I have some super powers, as generally he things I’m a complete idiot.  However, the reality is that I can’t make everything. There are plenty of things that I don’t know how to do.  Like tatting.  I’ve never learned how to Tat, and believe me, I’ve tried.  I’ve also never made candles or soap… but there is always time to try!

You see, I love wander the aisles of my local Hobby Lobby or Michaels for crafting inspiration, and I’m always willing to try any type of craft projects one, and I do have my fair share of fails.  (I’ve also learned that sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to buy something premade than make it myself.)

As for cooking, I’m a home cook, not a foodie.  I would never, ever, call this a food blog.  There are true chefs and amazing bakers out there who blog.  However, I do like making tasty and easy meals to feed my family.   You won’t find any elaborate meals worthy of Top Chef here, but if it involves Southern cuisine, crockpots or cookies, I’m able to handle it!

What happened to your other Blog, A Tossed Salad Life?  Somehow I got redirected here!

This blog used to be called A Tossed Salad Life. I named the blog that due to my life in a step/binuclear family, but I realized that only a small part of the posts actually dealt with life in a stepfamily.  People also got very confused about the blog, and why it had such a strange name.  To make life easier, I decided to rename the blog, My Mom Made That.  You shouldn’t notice many differences, in the content, I promise!