Essential Oil Storage Tutorial

As you probably know from all of my recent posts related to essential oils, I’ve grown quite a collection of those tiny bottles. (Have you checked out my Romantic Rose and Jasmine Sugar Scrub, my easy room deodorizer, and my Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash?) Well, Walnut Hollow was looking for organizational ideas for their awesome wooden box collections, and I knew that their Cornice Box would be a perfect Essential Oil organizer. Well, with some thin pieces of wood, paint and craft felt, I was able to create a lovely little decorative box to hold all of my bottles of essential oils. You can find the full tutorial over at Walnut Hollow today.

Are you looking for ways to organize all of your little essential oil bottles? Check out this tutorial over at Walnut Hollow using there Cornice Box that I wrote this week (

If you visit the post, be sure to let me know what you think, and how do you organize your essential oils.

Are you looking for ways to organize all of your little essential oil bottles? Check out this tutorial over at Walnut Hollow using there Cornice Box that I wrote this week (

My $5 Thrifted, Chalky Paint High Chair

Have you ever had a project that takes years to finish. This was one of those projects. It was on my “Honey-Do” list for two years. Mellow Man asked me to please, please finish it, and I did– earlier this fall. Honestly, I love how it came out, and was delighted when I found this high chair for sale at a consignment sale for $5. It seemed like a steal, and I figured that with a coat or two of painted, I could have a wonderful thrifted, chalky paint high chair that would look perfect in our dining room.

My Mom Made That: My $5 Thrifted Chalky Paint Highchair
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Easy Hedgehog Felt Pouch for Purse Privacy

I read this week that having three kids is supposed to be the most challenging number of children to have because it’s the first time that the parents are outnumbered. I can’t speak to that, as I’ve never gone from three to four children. I can speak to the fact that each pregnancy takes a bit more of a toll on my body.  It’s not the actual time being pregnant, rather it’s the time afterward.  I always have to go to the bathroom now– I’m not sure if my bladder got smaller, but I think I’ve just developed a “mommy bladder.”  At least that is what one bloggy friend told me recently at a meeting… after I made the mad dash to the bathroom for the third time.  Now I carry my unmentionables in my purse, and to give myself a bit more privacy when my children go rummaging through my purse and toss things aside.  As you probably know from a few prior posts, I find working with felt to be easy, particularly for simple embroidery and piecing.  So, I decided to make an easy hedgehog felt pouch that was the perfect size for my Poise liners (as well as period liners when necessary!)

My Mom Made That: Easy Hedgehog Felt Pouch {Perfect for your purse to hold your unmentionables!}
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Upcycled Stenciled Stool for the Bathroom

Thanks to Royal Design Studios for providing the products for today’s post; all opinions are 100% my own!

Around here it’s consignment season. That means that it’s the perfect time for me to find wonderful bargains on children’s clothing and slightly worn children’s furniture.  I love scouring the rooms filled with cast off children’s treasures to see if there is anything worthy of a good upcycle.  Last sale season, I found a step stool that was perfect for the boys’ bathroom. It cost just $4, and the finish on the wood was a little faded, but I thought that it wouldn’t take long to fix it up.

I brought it home with me, and proudly showed my purchase to the Mellow Man. He raised one eyebrow, and said, “Can’t you finish a few projects before you get started on anything else?” I think that this is the mantra and plea of the spouse of every DIY/craft blogger. Of course, my response, “It was only $4,” is likely the retort of every DIY/craft blogger.

My Mom Made That: Upcycled Stenciled Stool

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Distressed Key Holder

We have a menace in our home. He rules the entire house with his iron fist– his chubby, tiny fist. He’s our pint-sized ball of energy– the Little Monkey. He is in the midst of the tantrums and power struggles and emotional roller coasters of the toddler period. He is fascinated by doors and keys, particularly the remote control for the car. Our original key holder was low enough for him to snatch the keys and play with them. The Mellow Man and I would go to the car and find it unlocked and the sliding doors of the van open.   The third time this happened, we decided that it was time to move the key holder up higher.  When we did this, we realized that we’d need to resize it.  It worked out just fine that way– I wasn’t totally happy with the original product, and Mellow Man thought the green didn’t go in our Red accented Knotty Pine kitchen (as an aside, can one paint knotty pine?)  Thus, we decided to have a re-do on this DIY project, and created a new distressed key holder.

My Mom Made That: Distressed Key Holder
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