Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace

I’m so excited about sharing this project today because I saw a variant of the Beauty and the Beast Rose necklace on Pinterest, but it was clearly not any easy DIY jewelry project.   However, I daydreamed about ways to make it easier, make it something that I could do, as I’m a crafter, not a professional jeweler.  Then while browsing the beads section at my local Michael’s store lead me to an idea, and sometimes my ideas don’t work.  Luckily this one did, and I was able to come up with a way to make my very own Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace.  And while the final results aren’t as fancy as those by professional jewelers, I was so pleased by how the final necklace turned out!  This is an easy jewelry craft project to create your very own Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace that is inspired by the rose in the bell jar from the classic Disney movie!
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Easy DIY Conversation Heart Bookmark

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Mellow Man loves Necco Wafers. They are his favorite candy. I don’t get the attraction to them, but I suspect the best part of Valentine’s Day for him is the Sweethearts.  While I don’t find them that delicious, I would definitely say that Sweethearts are an iconic part of Valentine’s Day.  I mean who doesn’t think of conversation hearts when thinking about Valentine’s Day.  Over the past few months, I’ve been gathering dozens of craft ideas for conversation hearts, and there are a lot of ideas out there.  I’ve seen lots of wonderful recreations of the “hearts in clay and salt dough, and a variety of rings and bracelets made with conversations hearts.  I didn’t think that Mellow Man would appreciate jewelry, so I decided to use an actual conversation heart to create my very own, quick and easy DIY Conversation Heart Bookmark.

Easy to make DIY Conversation Book Mark
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Big Bang Theory Charm Bracelet

Well, besides Downton Abbey, you probably know that I love The Big Bang Theory.  When Season 7 premiered, I got together with some wonderful bloggy friends to put together a collection of wonderful Big Bang Theory crafts.  Well I had such a great time making the shirt, and I’ve enjoyed making several charm bracelets before, including one that is based on a movie that I got to thinking…  I needed to make a Big Bang Theory Charm Bracelet.  This is a very quick and easy craft to do, and all you need are some beads and charms that represent the Big Bang Theory.

Do you love the Big Bang Theory? Make this easy Big Bang Theory Charm Bracelet for yourself. Just choose a charm to represent each character and follow this tutorial!

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Are you ready for some Football… Kumihimo Keychain

Several weeks ago, I shared this post over at Just Us Four, and I wasn’t sure how many of my readers hopped over there to visit my original post.  I actually made this original project after being stuck in the car with my kiddos and Mellow Man for several hours.  Kumihimo is the perfect car craft, as it easy to do, takes few tools, and is soothingly repetitive.  It’s something that is potentially wonderful to do with your older kiddos. Kumihimo is a style of Japanese braid making. It involves using a “loom” that is basically a round disk. If you’d like to make one for yourself, you could make a loom out of a styrofoam plate, or you can easily order one at a place like Consumer Crafts or even a complete starter kit at Amazon (NOTE: This is an affiliate link, but what I have).

As an alternative to the Kumihimo jewelry that I’ve seen a lot of places, I decided to make a keychain for myself. After playing around and making a very simple kumihimo keychain, my sister-in-law asked if I could make them for our family’s favorite football team– the Pittsburgh Steelers! Once I came up with the design, I realized that this would be a great tutorial to share in this guest post, as the start of football season is just around the corner!

 photo FootballKumihimoKeychain_zps0138a989.jpg

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Purple Ombre Faceted Jewel Bracelet

If you spend any time with me, you’ll come to learn that I love the color purple.  I wear a lot of it.  When I find things that are purple, I’m instantly drawn to them.  The color just makes me happy.   Do you have a color like that?  I also seem to really like dangle, charm bracelets, or perhaps I just like making them?  (I’ve made this one for swim team, and this Harry Potter one, in the past 3 months.)  In April, Kara over Happy Go Lucky made these awesome earrings, and I won them.  They are my most favorite earrings!  I wear them constantly.  And even better, little Monkey loves my beautiful ombre purple earrings.  He enjoys hitting the, and watching them swing in my ears.  This past weekend, I was at Michael’s and saw some Martha Stewart purple ombre faceted beads that were on sale.  After admiring the color for a moment or two, I realized that they would go with the beautiful earrings that Kara made.   I got the beads home, and decided to make a quick and easy purple ombre bracelet!

My Mom Made That: Purple Ombre Bracelet
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