Choose Your Side– Star Wars Bag Tags and Cereal

Are you fan of Star Wars?  Which of the six movies is your favorite?  Would you like to bring The Force back to your breakfast table? I was a little girl when the Star Wars original trilogy had just come out.  In second grade, Ewoks were the stuffed animal to have.  Unfortunately I never got one, but my best friend had two, so I got to snuggle with one when I spent the night at her house.  The best thing about Star Wars now is the ability to share it with my whole family.  It seems to appeal to almost every one, man or woman, young or old!  It is a movie that has continued on to be something that I can share with my Big One (the Littles are a bit too young to fully appreciate the movie).  I remember vividly the excitement in his eyes when he first watched Anakin in the pod races   Thus, when we got some awesome Star Wars cereal designed to bring The Force back to our breakfast table, I couldn’t wait to show it off, and make a few school bag accessories for the Big One.

My Mom Made That: Choose A Side Star Wars Perler Bead Bag Tags and the New General Mills Cereal

I made Perler Bead Bag Tags in both a Darth Vadar and R2-D2 design, so that each morning while eating his Star Wars Breakfast Cereal, the Big One could answer the question of the day: “Which Side of The Force Are You On?”  You can have your kiddos answer the same question by trying this great breakfast cereal, and making these easy bag tags with Perler Beads for both sides of The Force.
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Super Mario Brothers Coasters Set 2

As I mentioned on Monday, here is the second set of Super Mario Brothers Coasters that go with the first set of coasters.  I really have a full collection of Super Mario Brothers Perler Bead Art for Mellow Man’s Father’s Day gifts!  I have included this set, for more images that I liked: the Cheep Cheep, Lakitu’s Cloud, the Star Power Up and the Question Block.  I have also created the downloadable patterns to go with each design, as well as, sharing the original source that inspired me to create the coaster.

My Mom Made That: Super Mario Brothers Coasters Set 2 of 3 with Free Downloadable Perler Bead Patterns

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Super Mario Brothers Coasters Set 1

As I mentioned a few days ago, the Mellow Man really likes Super Mario Brothers, so I made him some Fan Art with Perler Beads.  I had so much fun that I decided to work on a few more Father’s Day gifts for him that were inspired by my Mario Brothers Pinterest Board, particularly the Perler Bead coasters.  As I mentioned with the Fan Art, I love the way that the 8 Bit, traditional Nintendo characters can come alive with the Perler Beads.  When I found some wonderful coaster collections online I knew that I needed to make my own.  The problem was the lack of patterns out there, and the way the collections didn’t have the key characters and elements that I wanted to include.  My goal was to piece together a collection of 12 Super Mario Brothers characters and elements with a case for Mellow Man for Father’s Day.  Since there were so many pieces and patterns, I am going to present all of these coasters and the case in three separate posts this week.  I’m also including downloadable patterns for each of them, in case you want to make your own.  I hope having them all on one site will save you some time that you can use for creating!

My Mom Made That: Super Mario Brothers Perler Bead Coaster Set  1 Free Patterns to Download!
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Super Mario Brothers Perler Bead Fan Art

Super Mario Brothers games are kind of the Mellow Man’s thing.  We have gaming systems that are for the whole family, but the Mellow Man is the master of Super Mario Brothers.  He’s told me that he first got hooked on the original Super Mario Brothers on the NES system in the late 80’s.  He also played Donkey Kong before that.  Since the original game, he has every Mario Brothers game that nintendo released.  It’s the main reason we got a WiiU– to play the new MarioKart and Super Mario Brothers.  I get him a lot of Mario Brothers related gifts, and fan art.   While I usually buy his Super Mario Art, for Father’s Day, I decided to make him a present for his office using a painting canvas and Perler beads (affiliate link).  I love how it turned out, and thought he could put it next to his “Seriously” sign.

Mario Brother Perler Bead Fan Art

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