Easy Floral Sugar Scrub

My Rose Jasmine Sugar Scrub is one of my favorite tutorials, and apparently a lot of you like it too!  However, I recently tried a slightly different variant of the sugar scrub, which I ended up liking even better.  In fact, I whipped up 3 jars quickly for the Peanut’s preschool teachers, and they asked me to tell them how I did it.  This is SO EASY and SO QUICK, and people can’t believe that you actually made it.  Given my frantic schedule, that’s a win-win.  It’s perfect for Mother’s Day too!  Let me show you how to make this lightning fast easy floral sugar scrub for your kiddo’s grandmothers, aunts or teachers.  Once you’ve started making it, you’ll make batch after batch!

Looking for a homemade gift idea for Mother's Day? This DIY Easy Floral Sugar Scrub can be made in under 10 minutes, with enough to give to several people.
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Relaxing Homemade Bath Salts

Last year as a Teacher Appreciation gift, I made a homemade sugar scrub, and then one year I made lavender sachets.  This year, I decided to make some relaxing homemade bath salts.  I’ve made a few versions of bath salts before, but this year I used dried lavender as a primary ingredient.  I’m pleased with how these turned out, and the jars that I found at Target along with the personalized gift tags I made with my Cricut Explore Air, really made me proud of how the jar of homemade bath salts turned out.  If you’d like to make some for yourself, here’s how.

Have you ever made your own Bath Salts? With a few ingredients, including your favorite essential oils, you can make a jar full of relaxing homemade bath salts that are wonderful to give as a homemade gift!

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Homemade Shaving Cream for Men

Since Christmas, I’ve been having so much fun making body washes and sugar scrubs for my family and friends who are women.  About two months ago, the Mellow Man started complaining that his shaving cream was irritating his skin.  I got to thinking– All of the basic recipes for body wash, deodorant, and skin care can be used by men; however, men are likely to prefer something less floral and feminine.  That just means that you need to select a masculine blend of essential oils to make your homemade shaving cream.   There are a few resources for creating masculine blends of essential oils, and you may want to experiment on your own to make the perfect blend for your own homemade shaving cream, but I’m going to share the blend that I created.

Are you looking for an easy DIY Father's Day Gift? Are you trying to go green or does your husband/father have sensitive skin? Try this easy to make, yummy smelling (but masculine) Homemade Shaving Cream! It takes just a few essential oils, shea butter and coconut butter to make! My husband is gonna love this for Father's Day!
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Sweet Orange and Honey Body Wash

Ever since I started making homemade beauty products, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession for natural beauty and essential oils. I’ve begun to collect lots of little essential oil bottles, and I’ve been creating gifts for teachers, and family.  As I try to learn new ways to make lotions, shampoos and body washes, I’ve been reading about the differences in carrier oils, and the advantages of different essential oils.  I also read a lot about the benefits of raw honey for your skin and hair.  Raw honey is different from most of the honey we buy in the grocery store because it hasn’t been heated and pasteurized.  There are more nutrients in raw honey, and it is purported to be both healing and moisturizing for the skin.  Personally, I wanted to know how sticky honey became a body wash because it’s so sticky.  Thus, I decided to create a Sweet Orange and Honey Body Wash using raw honey.
Did you know that Raw Honey is wonderful for your skin? Check out this easy tutorial using raw honey, castille soap and natural oils to create a luscious Sweet Orange and Honey Body Wash (tutorial by My Mom Made That)
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Romantic Rose Jasmine Sugar Scrub

I have to admit that I’m still learning about essential oils, and I am coming at them from a different point of view than many of the websites out there. I don’t completely understand all of their therapeutic benefits, and I’m not trying to fully maximize those aspects. I do recognize that different scents make you feel differently. Some make you feel calm and relaxed, some make you have more energy. My Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash really makes me feel alive and refreshed, and I know that the essential oils contribute to that sensation. For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make a romantic scented sugar scrub, and I did some reading, trying to find a good blend. I picked up some Jasmine essential oil recently, and it smells heavenly.  I actually wasn’t sure how best to blend it with other essential oils.  Believe it or not, searching for blends took me quite a while because I didn’t really want to buy any more essential oils– if I keep it up my sweet Mellow Man is going to start asking questions about all of these little bottles in my house.  Then I came upon an awesome blend of Rose and Jasmine essential oils that is accented by Ylang Ylang.  I tried the blend, and it is heavenly, floral and perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift!  Thus, I created a Rose Jasmine Sugar Scrub for this blend.

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