13+ Ideas for Upcycled Diaper Boxes

As you may recall, I’m in the middle of potty training the Monkey, and of course, the sweet little Peanut is still in diapers.  That means that we have lots of diaper (and Pull-Ups) boxes in our house.  It’s hard not to, given how many Huggies Little Snugglers that we use in our house each week.  In fact, last week, we bought a large box of Huggies Little Snugglers at Sam’s Club.  It was a huge box, and I really liked the shape, as it was shallower in depth than some of the boxes.  I got to thinking of what I might be able to use this diaper box for, and how useful my Huggies Diaper boxes are.  Do you keep your diaper boxes too?  Well here are a few ideas for how to repurpose them– who knew that there were so many options for upcycled diaper boxes?

Not sure what to do with all of the Huggies diaper boxes you have sitting around your house? Well, here are 11+ ideas collected by My Mom Made That. I don't know which one I'm going to make first!
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Diet Coke Bottle Wreath

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I love Diet Coke.  I mean I love it.  I’m sitting here typing these words with a can of Diet Coke next to me.  And here’s the thing– I will only drink Diet Coke. I make restaurant choices based on the type of soft drinks they carry.   Hey, I’m an Atlanta girl, there is no product in this city other than Coca-Cola!  About a month ago, the Mellow Man came home with a 12-pack of Diet Coke cans, and pointed out that there was new design on cans.  If you haven’t check out a Diet Coke bottle recently, you should!  Just like the bottles and cans with names, there is now a new can and bottle design for the “It’s Mine” campaign with Diet Coke.  The cans have this cool tie-dye looking design, but the bottles, now that’s where the true beauty is.  They are all so different, and so colorful.  I decided to collect the 12 ounce bottles (larger than the traditional 8 ounce bottle) to create a Diet Coke Bottle Wreath.

My Mom Made That: Diet Coke Bottle Wreath
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My $5 Thrifted, Chalky Paint High Chair

Have you ever had a project that takes years to finish. This was one of those projects. It was on my “Honey-Do” list for two years. Mellow Man asked me to please, please finish it, and I did– earlier this fall. Honestly, I love how it came out, and was delighted when I found this high chair for sale at a consignment sale for $5. It seemed like a steal, and I figured that with a coat or two of painted, I could have a wonderful thrifted, chalky paint high chair that would look perfect in our dining room.

My Mom Made That: My $5 Thrifted Chalky Paint Highchair
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Decoupaged School Box for Box Tops

This past week, I got an email blast from both the Big One’s and the Monkey’s schools asking me to make sure that I was clipping my BoxTops. Trust me, I’m always clipping BoxTops.  I think moms with kiddos in schools are always in fundraising mode.  We are always looking for ways to help our children’s schools stretch their dollars a little further and raise just a few more.  We want our kiddos to have the highest quality education and that takes money.  When I was shopping at my favorite dollar spot recently, I saw this bright red balsa wood file box, and I realized that it would be awesome for BoxTop storage.  I decided to give it a vintage, school house feel, and when I was done, I was so delighted with my Decoupage School Box that I decided to fill it with my BoxTops, and drop it off in my son’s school office.

My Mom Made That: Decoupage School Box for BoxTops {Sponsored by General Mills and Box Tops for Education}
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Holiday Shopping At Goodwill

This post brought to you by Goodwill of North Georgia. The content and opinions expressed below are that of My Mom Made That.

About two years ago, I met a wonderful woman who was a professional thrifter and junker.  Isn’t that a cool job?!  She’s a picker, like one of those guys from American Pickers.  She goes into barns, and sheds and all of the state of Georgia looking for rusty, junky treasures.  And she finds them, and is able to create gorgeous home decorations, tablescapes and mantels.  I am always amazed by her style and creativity.  About a year ago, I asked her to take me with her, and she agreed.  You know where we started– Goodwill of North Georgia.  Yup, our local Goodwill, and she showed me all of the wonderful treasures that I could find shopping there.  And since that trip, the Goodwill Stores of North Georgia have become some of my go-to locations for household supplies and home decor.  In fact, while many people were hitting the standard retail stores on Black Friday, my sister-in-law and I traveled to Goodwill to see what we might discover in the store’s aisles.

My Mom Made That: Goodwill Christmas Decor

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