Choose Your Side– Star Wars Bag Tags and Cereal

Are you fan of Star Wars?  Which of the six movies is your favorite?  Would you like to bring The Force back to your breakfast table? I was a little girl when the Star Wars original trilogy had just come out.  In second grade, Ewoks were the stuffed animal to have.  Unfortunately I never got one, but my best friend had two, so I got to snuggle with one when I spent the night at her house.  The best thing about Star Wars now is the ability to share it with my whole family.  It seems to appeal to almost every one, man or woman, young or old!  It is a movie that has continued on to be something that I can share with my Big One (the Littles are a bit too young to fully appreciate the movie).  I remember vividly the excitement in his eyes when he first watched Anakin in the pod races   Thus, when we got some awesome Star Wars cereal designed to bring The Force back to our breakfast table, I couldn’t wait to show it off, and make a few school bag accessories for the Big One.

My Mom Made That: Choose A Side Star Wars Perler Bead Bag Tags and the New General Mills Cereal

I made Perler Bead Bag Tags in both a Darth Vadar and R2-D2 design, so that each morning while eating his Star Wars Breakfast Cereal, the Big One could answer the question of the day: “Which Side of The Force Are You On?”  You can have your kiddos answer the same question by trying this great breakfast cereal, and making these easy bag tags with Perler Beads for both sides of The Force.
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