Dealing with Diaper Rash with Help from WaterWipes

This post is sponsored by WaterWipes and Mommy Bag Marketing. Although I received product and financial compensation, all opinions are entirely my own.  I use the product described below to help alleviate my own Little Monkey’s diaper rash, and recommend its use!

The Little Monkey has a very sensitive GI system. First, he had severe GERD for the first year of his life. Shortly after turning one, he developed chronic ear infections, and he ended up being on antibiotics for 6 months. Consistently. His poor little GI system was, excuse the pun, gutted, and he had really horrible, well, diarrhea. He also got Thrush. Now, he’s on the mend, but whenever he gets on any antibiotics, he gets diarrhea and thrush within a day. Thus, we’ve had A LOT of experience dealing with some really nasty diaper rash (and Thrush), and I thought I would share.   Particularly, I wanted to share some information about a product that we have used that really helps reduce the discomfort of diaper rash—WaterWipes.

My Mom Made That: Treating Diaper Rash

One of the best ways to deal with nasty diaper rash is to get ahead of the problem, and there are several ways to do this.

  1. Keep The Bum Clean! Increase the frequency with which you change your baby’s diaper. I know this sounds like an obvious first step, but getting the nasty wetness and poopiness quickly off of the baby’s bum is really critical.
  2. Be Liberal: Liberally use your favorite diaper rash cream, each time you change By liberally, I’ve learned that this means making sure that the entire bum is white. (Now if the baby has Thrush, diaper rash cream won’t work, and you’ll have to call your pediatrician for a prescription.)
  3. Bath Time: Allow the baby to soak in long warm baths. We like using these additional baths to read stories. Now that it’s getting cold, a warm tub in the middle of the day can be a nice relaxing treat before naptime.
  4. Coritsone Cream: We have been told by our pediatrician that for discomfort, we can use 0.5% Coritsone cream to reduce pain of the diaper rash. We use this under the regular diaper rash cream. (I would encourage you to check with your own doctor about frequency of application and appropriateness for you own child.)
  5. Pain Relief: Again, consult with your doctor, but if the rash is really bad, a dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen might help your little one feel better.
  6. Know when it’s time to get professional help! Call the doctor if the diaper rash cream isn’t working—it could be Thrush, or if the red area is blistering or becoming wounds. They have other tricks up their sleeves.
  7. DON’T USE TRADITIONAL BABY WIPES!  I’m making this point last because it is really critical to get this point across. Traditional wipes use chemicals that can make a baby’s bum hurt even more. Even the sensitive or organic ones! Instead, I would encourage you to use or warm washcloth, or, even better, try WaterWipes, which are natural baby wipes. The are the only baby wipes on the market that contain no harsh chemicals.

My Mom Made That: Treating Diaper Rash Waterwipes

If you haven’t heard of WaterWipes, let me tell you a little about this awesome product. I heard that they were great for dealing with and preventing diaper rash, but I was a little skeptical. However, what I have learned is that the Little Monkey doesn’t scream from discomfort when I use them. They are gentle enough to use on his tender, soft bum, even when it is red and sore with a horrible diaper rash.   Further if you have other sensitivities like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis, you can safely use WaterWipe without any negative effects or discomfort.   This can be a real lifesaver when needed to deal with sensitive skin, regardless of the reason behind its sensitivity.

If you are interested in learning more about WaterWipes, check out their site, visit their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter!

10 Hints to Prepare Your Baby for Swimming

As soon as the Little Monkey turned 6 months old, I signed him up for Baby Swimming Lessons. I was counting down the days, as I wanted him to be a swimmer like the Big One. He’s taking lessons again this summer, and he’s not learning freestyle or the Butterfly, but he has been learning how to get ready to really swim. The lessons have been helpful to me too– I have learned what I need to do to facilitate the Little Monkey’s success in the pool and with swimming. It has been a joy to watch the Little Monkey, as he loves the water. Since starting his lessons, we’ve had several parents ask us how he’s such a good “swimmer.” I thought I’d share what I’ve learned. I really must say that this is the information that I have gleaned from the instructors of the Baby Swim Lesson classes, and from watching the other families in the lessons. My Mom Made That: Tips to Prepare Toddlers for Swimming
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Personalized #NubyUSA Snack Keeper

I received compensation in the form of a Free Snack Keeper for this review.

As you might remember, from my badge on my sidebar, I’m a Nuby Mommy blogger, so every once in a while, I bring my wonderful readers information on a terrific product that my Little Monkey is using.  Right now, we’re loving our Nuby Snack Keeper.  It’s awesome for snacking and limiting the mess that the Little Monkey makes when he eats puffs or crackers in the car or around town.  The unique Snack Keeper™ cup has a way to keep his toddler-portion-sized snacks inside the container without being dumped all over the floor or the car.  It’s also great when you are pushing your kiddo in the stroller, and he drops his snack– with the Snack Keeper it doesn’t go everywhere.  Basically, it works by having soft flaps on the top that help chubby, little hands grab the snacks without sending all of them everywhere.  The Nuby Snack Keeper holds 9 oz. of dry snacks and it has a soft rubbery-like bottom that protects the tabletops from scratches or damage.

My Mom Made That: Personalized Nuby Snack Keeper #NubyUSA
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Baby Bag “ICE” Tags

A couple months ago, I wrote a post about what to teach your kiddo if s/he gets lost, and I got a lot of positive feedback on it.  It really is something that I feel is a critical skill for little ones to have.  I also mentioned that before the age of 3 or 4 years, it is hard for a little one to be a big help with getting found.  I have a little one who can’t stay much besides, “Ball!” and “Dat!” and I doubt he could help in an emergency. I got this idea to help with any emergency that might involve my littlest guy after I started leaving the Little Monkey’s diaper bag when I dropped him off at his half day preschool  I know that they have all of our emergency information on file, but how quickly can they get to it.  Plus, if we somewhere else, and the Little Monkey was hurt, and we were separated.  Maybe I’m just a paranoid mama, but I thought he needed his very own “ICE” tag. At my jobs, we’ve always had “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) information that quickly shares all of the critical information if something where to happen, now Monkey has a traveling “ICE” tag.

Tossed Salad Life: Baby Bag ICE Tag
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Sippy Cup Leash

I have a kid who throws.  He also has started having tantrums and hitting.  Ah, the joys of toddlerhood have arrived.  One of the things that he likes to throw is his sippy cup.  And let me tell you Monkey can really throw far!  This is a problem when the Monkey is eating in his high chair, but it is particularly problematic when we are going somewhere and he is riding in his stroller.  In fact, the other day while waiting in the DMV, the Monkey sent his sippy cup across the room, where it landed on a very dirty floor.  Enter the sippy cup leash, and there are lots of varieties of them out there.  Just do a quick Pinterest search!  I made one with bias tape I already had an a package of sew in snaps.  That’s it!

My Mom Made That: Sippy Cup Leash TutorialThis project only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.  You can make your leash any length you want.  I didn’t want the leash to be long enough to drag when it was tossed from the stroller.  Our stroller isn’t extremely larger or complicated, and and is a high quality umbrella stroller, so it’s lower to the ground (Note: the link is an affiliate link to my Amazon Affiliate account.)  If you have a large, high off the ground stroller like a Quinny, you might want a longer leash.

My Mom Made That: Sippy Cup Leash Tutorial

You start by measuring out your length of bias tape and sew it closed together using your sewing machine.  This is very quick and easy to do, but don’t rush too much.  You’ll want to create a loop at one end of the tape by tucking the end of the bias tape back into the rest of the bias tape and sewing it shut:

Sippy Cup Leash Loop

The purpose of this loop is to secure the  leash to the side of the stroller or the stroller straps.  On the other end, you’ll just create a flat across end without a loop.  I added snaps to this end.  Do add the snaps, I measured out several of Monkey’s sippy cups, as I wanted to make sure that I placed the snaps in the correct locations.  I then used a pen to mark the positions of the snaps.  I hand sewed the snaps in place.  As you can see in the primary picture, there are several different snap ends to insure that the leash fits multiple sized cups.

Sippy Cup Leash on Nuby CupThat’s it!  A yard of bias tape, matching thread, snaps and twenty minutes is all I needed!  Hopefully this tool will help rein in the tossing and throwing from the stroller.  I’ll let you know if it makes any difference.   Do you have a kid who loves to throw?