Sequined Christmas Trees

Well, I started blogging a little over a year ago, my “blogiversary” just kind of snuck up on me!  These sequined Christmas Trees were one of the first projects that I made for the blog, so my sequined Christmas trees were buried amongst all of my unread early posts.  When I started to put out my Christmas decorations, I pulled these out and smiled.  I love how a good and beloved homemade project makes me happy.  They are sitting on my Kitchen table right now, and I thought I would share the trees, in case some readers missed it the first time.

My Mom Made That: Sequined Christmas Trees Title

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Glittery Christmas Monogram Wreath

Last season, I saw monogram wreaths all over blogs, and I fell in love with them.  Particularly this one. I have an addiction to wreaths.  They are fabulous, and I can’t seem to ever have enough.  Right now, I’m trying to make sure that I can find a place for all of them in my house for this holiday season!  Well, I went to my home away from home local craft store, and looked at stems with berries, and thought it looked like a monogram berry wreath could get to be an expensive venture.  Well, I found these Berry Accents by Darice at Consumer Crafts, and realized that they would be perfect for a monogram wreath!

My Mom Made That: Glittery Christmas Monogram Wreath
This is a really easy project.  Now, I didn’t use a glue gun because I thought it would be easier to just use wood glue to start with.  I covered the letter with a thin layer of glue, and then slowly cover the letter with a layer of the berries.  There will be some gaps, and holes, but just get one layer of the berries down.

My Mom Made That: Glittery Christmas Monogram Wreath

After you get an entire layer of the berries onto the wooden initial and you have allowed it to thoroughly dry, you can start filling in the gaps.  By thoroughly drying, I mean until the glue has dried clear, which probably means letting it dry overnight.  Then take craft glue to put the berries into the gaps until you have created a second layer of the berries. I used the “Fast Grab” glue to make sure that the berries stayed in place once glued.  This creates a more textured effect, and improved the coverage.

My Mom Made That: Glittery Christmas Monogram WreathOnce the empty spots are filled in, you’ll let it dry again.   The last step is adding in a hook.  I wrapped a bit of velvet ribbon around the top of the letter, to make it look like it was part of the ribbon that I used to hang the wreath.  Then I used craft wire to form a hook to the wreath.

My Mom Made That: Glittery Christmas Monogram WreathI hung the wreath over our Fireplace.  I covered the picture in wrapping paper (it’s actually our Family Travels Map), and then attached the wreath to the back of the picture frame.  The mantel is nearly done now with the wreath over the mantel.  I have some greenery, ribbon and a berry garland that matches the wreath.  There are just a few finishing touches to finalize the mantel that are in the works right now.

My Mom Made That: Glittery Christmas Monoram Wreath


Glitter and Vinyl Minecraft Christmas Ornament: Silhouette Challenge and Giveaway

Okay, y’all are never going to believe this, but I have so much going on this post.  SO MUCH!  I have my first ever free cut file to share with you, and I have my first ever Vlog.  Plus, there is an awesome giveaway at the end of the post along with links to 34 other awesome silhouette projects!  I hope you’re just as excited as I am!  Keep reading, I promise it will be worth it!

One of my family’s Christmas traditions is the addition of a meaningful Christmas ornament to each child’s ornament collection every year.  I have a great collection of ornaments that date back to the year I was born, and when my boys move out and start their own families, their ornament collections will go to their new homes.  The Big One has an extensive ornament collection that includes the Steelers (his favorite team), Zoo Animals, and Harry Potter– all favorites during particular stages of his life.  The Little Monkey just has his “My First Christmas” ornaments, but it’s time to grow his collection.  Since I’m obsessed with Vinyl and Portia, my silhouette Portrait, I decided to create some easy glitter and vinyl ornaments that featured special firsts for my boys.  We just went to see Santa, and had our Little Monkey cry hysterically, so I made a Santa ornament for him.  For the Big One I made a special Minecraft ornament.  He’s obsessed with Minecraft right now.

Glitter Vinyl Ornament Title

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Male Teachers Thanks to Bing Smart Search

I was compensated to participate in the review of Bing Smart Search as a part of Linqia; however, all views expressed in this post are 100% my own.

I’ve been working on homemade Christmas teacher gifts for the boys,  This year, the Big One has four teachers, and the Little Monkey has three teachers, so I need to come up with seven small gifts for teachers.  Plus, this year, my fifth grader, the Big One, has two men for teachers. It’s a first for us, as up until this point, he’s had only women as teachers. I think it’s great though for him to have a little male influence in his classroom experience, but I started to wonder if male teachers enjoyed the scented hand sanitizer or candles that I have gotten for previous teachers.  That got me to wondering– What do male teachers like for Christmas gifts?  Well, I decided to do a quick search using Bing Smart Search.   Bing’s Smart Search in the new Windows is a faster way to find what you’re looking for and get things done on your touch device.  It’s like other search engines out there, but the overall experience is a bit different.  It’s more visual, and it worked like a charm to help me find the perfect DIY gifts for his teachers!

Super Hero Mugs for Male Teacher Gifts Title
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Garden Lights at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

We usually go see a holiday lights exhibit each year.  Until this year, for the previous 5 years, we’d all load up in a car and head to Callaway Gardens to see their Fantasy in Lights show.  That show peaked in excitement for us about 3 years ago, and Frog asked if we could see something new.  Around the Atlanta area, there are a number of great holiday light exhibits, including our next door neighbors, but last year we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the Garden Lights exhibit, and we had heard that the display was supposed to be even better this year.
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