Homemade Vanilla Extract

Back in March, we took the boys to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for their Vanilla Days, and we got several recipes while we were there.  One of them included directions for making your own homemade Vanilla Extract.  Prior to our visit to the Botanical Gardens, I didn’t even know that one could make their own vanilla extract!  We talked to one of the educators there, and brought home the directions eager to try making our own. We decided to make our own vanilla extract and to compare the results by making two forms of Vanilla Extract with rum and vodka.

My Mom Made That: Homemade Vanilla Extract
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Etched Wine Glasses for Teacher Appreciation

The Silhouette machine, either the Cameo or Portrait is great for so many things.  I’m a huge fan of Vinyl, and my collection has grown, thanks to a number of projects, particularly this one.  One of the things that you can use the Silhouette and vinyl for is etching designs in glassware.  Last month, the Little Monkey’s school was having a fund raising auction, and I volunteered to make school logo wine glasses.  The projects were really easy with my Silhouette machine and glass etching solution.  Apparently, they were a big hit, and I had some requests from the class parents to make the etched wine glasses for our classroom teachers.  I figured if I’m going to etch wine glasses for the Little Monkey’s three teachers, then I should also make some beer mugs for the Big One’s three teachers.  ( If you recall, the Big One has male teachers, so I thought I’d go with the beer mugs!)  They turned out well, and I thought I’d share the tutorial, in case, someone else wanted to turn a web image on a school website into an etched wine glass or beer mug.
My Mom Made That: Etched Glasses with School Logos
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Build your Own Wooden Succulent Garden Box

Succulents are wonderfully popular right now. I’ve always have a special fondness for succulents after my grandmother and I put together a succulent potted garden together when I was about ten. I can’t remember everything it included, but I know it had an Aloe and a Jade plant, both of which grew to an enormous size. That potted garden lasted for more than a decade until an unexpected cold snap, and my negligence killed them. When was visiting my local Home Depot, I found that there were dozens of varieties of succulents and lots of different types of containers currently available, so I decided to make a succulent garden.  I knew that I wanted a rustic wooden garden box, but the ones that were for sale were a little pricey.  Mellow Man is good at building things, so I showed him what I wanted, and asked if he could make one for me.   Here’s how we made our very own wooden succulent garden box with scrap lumber that we already had.
My Mom Made That: Wooden Succulent Garden Box
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Easy No Sew Kitchen Curtain

In August, I attended the Haven conference in Atlanta.  It was incredible, and one of the fabulous sponsors was the Online Fabric Store.  Included in the swag bag were two yards of the fabric carried by the Online Fabric Store. Each attendee received one yard of Home Dec fabric, and there were about a dozen different fabric, but I think that I got the best one– a yard of Premier Prints Towers in red!  It’s a really nice duck canvas- perfect for a kitchen curtain! Now, you probably recall that my kitchen and family room has a lot of red in it. (If you don’t know about the red, see my chair cushions, this cork board, and even a post where I painted the switch plates red).  My sink window didn’t have a curtain, so I decided to make a quick and easy no sew kitchen curtain.

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Easy Vinyl Monogrammed iPhone Case

I can’t imagine not having my iPhone.  It is the most wonderful device I’ve ever had.  When I got it last year, it really revolutionized my thinking about smart phones.  Mellow Man had been convincing me of getting one for a few years, but I had been hesistant, namely due to the fact that I’m hard on things.  I was worried that my iPhone would break.  Enter the life-saving Otter Box.  I love my Otter Box.  It is second only to the iPhone in my list of fabulous products.  I have the commuter series, and it’s in my favorite colors. My Mom Made That: Easy Vinyl Monogrammed iPhone Case
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