Super Mario Brothers Costumes

Whether you’re a child of the 80’s or a child of today, you have heard of Super Mario Brothers! Super Mario Brothers are one of the most iconic symbols of video gaming as we know it, and they are entirely beloved characters in our house.  You may remember by all of the fan gifts I have made for the Mellow Man, including two sets of coasters, and Perler Bead art for his office. Once Halloween comes around, your entire family can dress up with different Super Mario Brothers Costumes as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and run from house to house to collect those delicious treats.  Plus Super Mario is timeline, you can wear these costumes on college campuses, and even to a party for the grown-ups. Everyone gets to feel “Super” on Halloween when they don their Super Mario Brothers Costumes for Halloween. Right now, I know that you’re probably on the prowl in trying to find the perfect costume or accessory to make your Super Mario character come alive. So, here’s over 15 Halloween costumes for people of all ages, and some accessories to add a little star glitter to your reality.

Nintendo and Classic Video Game fans unite! Are you looking for an awesome Super Mario Brothers Costume for Halloween. Here is a round-up with more than 15 ideas that are perfect for your entire family! Boys, girls, moms and dads will find a great collection of halloween costumes that are perfect for Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Yoshi lovers alike! I can't wait to order ours!

(Image Used with Permission from Coleman Flicker Account.)

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The Best Kids’ Superhero Costumes

These days you can find my 4-year-old Monkey running through the house fighting “bad guys.”  Poor Angus, the Potcake  Dog, is often the obligatory bad guy, and the little Peanut is roped into being Robin (regardless of whatever superhero the Monkey decides to be.)  I know my little boys aren’t alone in their love of being a superhero.  What kiddos don’t want to be superheroes? Catching the bad guy, scaling buildings, rescuing the damsel in distress…come on these are the things dreams are made of for kids.   With Halloween being less than a month away, I’ve found that Amazon is wonderful source for amazing superhero inspiration.  So many costumes that are perfect for trick-or-treating and better yet, perfect for dress up for months later!  So without further ado, here are the best kids’ superhero costumes that I’ve discovered for my little boys, as well as your little girls!

Does your little love being a super hero and fighting off the bad guys? Does she practice twirling and defending herself with golden bracelets? Then here's a collection of awesome children's costume ideas for you. They are perfect for Halloween or just playing dress-up. Seriously, how many kids want to be a super hero ever day, not just on halloween?
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13+ Ideas for Upcycled Diaper Boxes

As you may recall, I’m in the middle of potty training the Monkey, and of course, the sweet little Peanut is still in diapers.  That means that we have lots of diaper (and Pull-Ups) boxes in our house.  It’s hard not to, given how many Huggies Little Snugglers that we use in our house each week.  In fact, last week, we bought a large box of Huggies Little Snugglers at Sam’s Club.  It was a huge box, and I really liked the shape, as it was shallower in depth than some of the boxes.  I got to thinking of what I might be able to use this diaper box for, and how useful my Huggies Diaper boxes are.  Do you keep your diaper boxes too?  Well here are a few ideas for how to repurpose them– who knew that there were so many options for upcycled diaper boxes?

Not sure what to do with all of the Huggies diaper boxes you have sitting around your house? Well, here are 11+ ideas collected by My Mom Made That. I don't know which one I'm going to make first!
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13+ Handprint Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

I’m a sucker for handprint gifts.  I love receiving them, and I really love giving them.  To be honest, I have always loved the way little baby and toddler hands look with their sweet little dimples on their knuckles.  Let me not forget those chubby little toes, and darling footprints.  For my first Mother’s Day, 14 years ago, the Big One’s teachers had all of the children make handprints that were laminated.  His handprint was so tiny, and I still remember so distinctly how those little fingers felt when I was holding his hand.  Now his hand is ginormous, and much larger than mine.  Time flies, and grasping on to those sweet moments is so precious to us mamas.  A while ago, I started a Pinterest board called Sweet Hands and Feet that included all of the great handprint craft ideas I’ve discovered on various blogs, and I wanted to highlight just a few of the wonderful Handprint Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day that any mother would love.  (I’ve thrown in a few footprint ideas too!)

Looking for a sweet and memorable gift idea for Mother's Day, check out these 13+ Handprint (and Footprint) Gift Ideas! A round-up by My Mom Made That
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Breakfast Success Ideas for National Cereal Day

I got a memo once from school about the need to make sure that my children had a healthy and complete breakfast every morning before the start of school.  I believe in the value of breakfast, honestly, but I don’t know if my idea of a “healthy and complete” breakfast was the same as the school’s idea.  In fact, I was told that my children needed to have more than “just a bowl of cereal.”   Honestly, I was a little surprised– breakfast cereals can be a wonderful source of protein, fiber and energy to ensure that you have energy and nutrition to carry a person until lunch.  Add your favorite type of milk, and you’ve got more protein and calcium.   Of course, you have to pick the right cereal, and read the label.  (Sometimes I’m loathe to do this, but I’m trying to make healthy choices this year.)  I think that the right cereal choices are a great way for an overall breakfast success.

My Mom Made That: Breakfast Success for National Cereal Day

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