Summertime Giveaway

Guess what? I heard the humming of cicadas this morning. They were doing their buzzing crescendo, and it made me smile. Then tonight I walked out to my car at 9:00pm, and it was the earliest part of dusk where the sky is a silvery grey. The lightening bugs were just starting to blink in the yard. All these things can only mean one thing– summer is officially here. (In case the constant heat and humidity of Georgia left any doubt in my mind!) Today, to help you celebrate summer, I am delighted to be able to present an exciting summertime cash giveaway.

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10 Travel Items for Flying with a Toddler #NubyUSA

I received a product to review from Nuby USA in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

The Little Monkey has taken his fair share of trips.  We have done longish car rides (nothing more than 8 hours yet!) and quite a few plane trips.  Even though flying with a toddler gets you to your destination quicker, to me, it’s far more stressful.  To all of the childless readers of My Mom Made That, let me assure you that I am more stressed by sitting next to you with my toddler than you are sitting next to me.  Flying with a toddler is a situation where my parenting skills are tested in a multitude of different ways.

Again, if you don’t have a toddler, imagine traveling with a squirming, demanding, tiny-but-heavy, strong-willed little person through check in, TSA, waiting at the gate, boarding, flying, walking to baggage claim, getting bags, and then getting the bags and the impatient little person to our transportation.  It’s a lot of stress, and my biggest fear is that something will go wrong, and my airport travels will be extended due to something going wrong.  Even worse, my checked luggage will get lost, and suddenly the Little Monkey won’t have all of his supplies.  To reduce this anxiety, I have started to pack a number of items to insure that even if we get delayed or our luggage gets lost, the family will survive.

My Mom Made That: Items to Pack When Flying With Toddlers
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Staying Positive

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

This blogging business isn’t for the faint hearted.  At least that’s what I’ve come to realize.  It’s all to easy to get down when you let life get in the way, or compare yourself to others.   Some of the best advice that I’ve gotten from the lovely successful bloggers is, “Do what makes you happy, don’t compare yourself to others, and stay positive.”  However, I don’t think it’s just about blogging, I think that staying positive is one of the things that is generally very hard for women to do.  We tend to compare ourselves to each other and feel discouraged.  We are discouraged that we aren’t as BLANK as someone else we know.  That blank could be, “Stylish,” “Successful,” “Talented,” or “Pretty.”   Well, I found out about a company that is trying to discourage negativity in woman and promote positive thinking.  It’s called Alexa’s Angels.   What this company sells are a group of positivity bracelets for women.  It’s a great way to remind yourself to look for the little things in life to make you happy!  That we all have things to be thankful for, and we should really focus on those things.

My Mom Made That: Positivity Bracelets

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Practice #Superheroing and Be a #CerealHero

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Boys love superheros, and I have boys, meaning that I’ve spent a fair share of time around little boys with capes, masks and imaginary super powers of one kind or another.  Superheros have weapons and fight bad guys, seriously, what could be cooler?  Before I was a mom, and I actually knew things about parenting, I used to worry that Super Heroes like Batman or Superman were too violent, but as I have become less certain of the right way to do things, I’ve come to the conclusion that Super Heroes and superheroing are a critical part of child development.  Children sometimes feel powerless in this grown-up, scary world of ours, and pretending to be a superhero gives children a sense of power and control.  Right now thanks to DC Comics and Big G cereals, your tiny hero can practice superheroing with their breakfast cereat!

My Mom Made That: Super Hero Big G
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Personalized Duck Tape® File Folder

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

School supplies can get really pricey, and every year Frog has a long list of things that he is supposed to get to start the year off right. I tend to try to wait until the last week in July (school starts early around here), and go to a great one stop shopping place, like Walmart, to get all of the back to school supplies my now fifth grader needs. They had some awesome sales on school supplies this year! What I really want in school supplies are things that last the entire year, so I don’t have to go back for more. I’m looking for durability. On his shopping list were “Folders with Pockets” for different classes, and while they are very inexpensive, they are also very flimsy. I was initially planning on buying several for him, but when I was at Walmart, I noticed that they are carrying a great line of colorful and patterned Duck Tape®, so I decided to make him a personalized file folder.  photo DuckTapeFileFolderTitle_zps2ef4170a.jpg It’s a really easy project to do, here’s what you need:

  • Duck Tape® rolls and sheets
  • Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Basic Manilla File Folder

 photo DuckTapeFileFolder1_zps8b06e384.jpg Find your favorite Duck Tape® from Walmart to cover your manilla file folder. I used the red Duck Tape®, as the primary color. I used the cute one with the mustaches for an accent.  photo DuckTapeFileFolder2_zpsd182b9ea.jpgFirst, I cut strips of the red Duck Tape®, and covered the entire file folder, front and back with the Duck Tape®. I then trimmed around the folder, so that the entire folder was now a red Duck Tape® folder. Next, I covered the center seam with the darling mustache Duck Tape® to cover where the pieces of red tape meet. I also took the mustache patterned Duck Tape® to go around the outside edges of the folder.

 photo DuckTapeFileFolder3_zpsf591374c.jpg Did you know that the Duck Tape® line even includes these really cool sheets of Duck Tape®, so that you can cover more area for your large projects! I took the black Duck Tape® sheets and covered the chip board with them. I cut the chipboard to size, and attached them to the bottom of the folder to create two pockets. I trimmed the edges of the black chipboard with the mustache Duck Tape®.  photo DuckTapeFileFolder6_zps7d4ee239.jpg

The last thing I did was create a “W” for the front of the folder in the mustache patterned Duck Tape®. I thought it would be good to personalize the folder with the Frog’s initial. This folder will be great for all of his class notes, and the Duck Tape® makes it durable enough to last the entire year. With all of the varied Duck Tape® patterns that Walmart sells, I have so many options for additional file folders. When we stopped by Walmart, look at all of the choices we found:  photo DuckTapeFileFolder4_zpsaf0b22c5.jpg Which pattern would you use first? In case, you happen to need to make a file folder, be sure to buy Duck Tape at Walmart. Using Duck Tape® for all sorts of decorative home projects is very on-trend right now, and if you’d like to find more great inspiration, be sure to follow Duck Tape® on Twitter @TheDuckBrand.

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