The Joy of Movement: Coping with Mobile Infants

My favorite stage of early childhood is from approximately 6 months until 18 months.  It’s the stage where my sweet little babies are curious and developing their distinct personalities, but still very much sweet little babies.  You see, I love babies.  You know how some people are toddler people, and some people are kid people, well, I’m a baby person.  I love all of my guys equally, but babies make my heart melt.  However, one of the biggest challenges of this phase of infancy is coping with an extremely mobile infant, who has no awareness of the dangers of his world.  I tend to be a somewhat laid back parent, but I’ve found that there are a few tricks to allow my babies to enjoy the freedom and joy of movement, while creating a safe (without going overboard) environment for exploration.

My Mom Made that: The Joy of Movement-- Dealing with the mobile infant
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