The Sweet Rewards of a Mom’s Life

Do you have days where you feel like you are barely hanging in there? This week has been one of those weeks. As it comes to the end, I’m still catching my breath and wondering how I am surviving. I’ve been pulled in so many different ways by each of the boys, and I’m trying to make sure that they all get what they need from me. And a lot of times, it feels like there isn’t enough of me to go around. It got me wondering about what exactly are the sweet rewards of a mom’s life. It definitely isn’t the effusive thanks and words of appreciation, nor is it the obedient children who clean up after themselves— at least in my house. However, motherhood has to have some sweet rewards, else so many of us wouldn’t be willing to throw ourselves into it.

My Mom Made That: The Sweet Rewards of a Mom's Life {Post Sponsored by Betty Crocker and the Sweet Rewards Cookie Bars}
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7 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with A Teen Boy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have two bathrooms in our house. For most homes that would mean that there is a parents’ bathroom, and a kids’ bathroom. Somehow it didn’t work out that way in our house. Instead, the Littles share one bathroom with the Mellow Man, and the Big One and I am now sharing  the bathroom with my teen boy.  Up until the past year or so, I didn’t have many complaints.  However, the older he gets, there are new challenges and realities of sharing a bathroom with him.  On the upside, this is partially due to the fact that he is showing a greater concern for personal hygiene.  On the downside, sharing a bathroom with a teen is now creating many more Clorox® moments for me than I ever imagined I would have!

My Mom Made That: 6 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with a Teenaged Boy
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