Halloween Spooky Eyes Luminaries

I was driving along the other day, and this memory of a scene from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland popped into my mind.  Alice is lost in the Tulgey Woods and sees these spooky eyes in the woods.  (If you are really curious about the image, a quick Google image search for Tulgey Woods, should yield the image that I am referring to.)  Then I started thinking about all of the times, this image appeared in animated movies for situations where people are lost and scared– Brightly colored eyes reflecting back from the woods.  I decided to see if I could recreate this look with Halloween luminaries. I know traditionally that luminaries are paper, and I love the look of paper luminaries.  For this project, I used jars and glow sticks, so we could reuse the luminaries, and given the busyness of the Little Monkey’s chubby little hands these days, I wanted to reduce fire risk.

My Mom Made That: Spooky Eyed Halloween Luminaries
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Conversation Heart Candle Centerpieces

Conversation Hearts have a long and interesting history. They are made by a number of different companies now, but the original conversation hearts were made by the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO).  The New England Confectionery Company make one of Mellow Man’s most favorite candies– NECCO wafers.  Technically, NECCO calls the little candy hearts, Sweethearts, but I think most of us think of them as conversation hearts.  To me, they are one of the most ubiquitous candies of Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to include them in my Valentine’s Day decorating.  If you checked out my Valentine’s Day Heart Tree about a week ago, you’ll see that I used the hearts to fill the tin container.  Today, I want to show you a sneak peek of my Valentine’s Day dining room decor, and show you a super quick and cute conversation heart candle centerpiece that you can make with a bag of this famous Valentine’s Day candy.  My Mom Made That: Conversation Heart Candle Centerpiece
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