Easy DIY Winter Soup Bowl

Baby it’s cold outside!  Finally! Well, December came and went, and it wasn’t that bad, but now it’s the season for soup, stews and foods that warm you.  It’s also the season to relax and regenerate from the chaos and overindulgence of the holidays.  (Or is my family the only one living in chaos over Christmas?) Soup has this ability to really help center me, particularly more nutritious and healthy options.  If you realize that you have a person that still needs a holiday gift, or you want to give them a New Years or Get Well Soon gift, soup and a personally decorated bowl are a great choice.  I made this super easy DIY winter soup bowl with a few paint pens and my Silhouette Portrait.  It is a perfect accompaniment for the yummy Progresso Light soups that I have been eating.

My Mom Made That: Easy DIY Winter Soup Bowls

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