Warm Crab and Artichoke Dip

We aren’t big football people around here. Nope, we tend to watch basketball theses days.  However, football is pretty exciting around Atlanta this year since the Atlanta Falcons are headed to the Superbowl.  The Big One has been talking about what he wants to do for the Big Game, and given the amount that he eats, ultimately that turns back to the menu.  I love warm Crab and Artichoke dip, particularly when I’m going out to eat.  However, I thought it would be a great and easy recipe to make for a tasty game day appetizer, so I worked on creating the perfect recipe for warm crab and artichoke dip.  It is so yummy that you can basically eat it out of the bowl with a spoon!

Looking for a delicious appetizer for a party or to snack on during the Big Game, try this scrumptious warm crab and artichoke dip. It takes about 15 minutes to make!
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Easy Sauceless Pizza Margharita with Fresh Mozzarella

In Rome on my honeymoon, I fell in love with pizza margarhita.  It was a perfect lunchtime meal to share with the Mellow Man.  Today, in my everyday light making fancy meals is a luxury.  Honestly, just cooking dinner has become a luxury. We have a picky three-year-old, and our nights feel so rush, and adding another task that is complicated to our plate is hard. However, it’s important to come up with some nutritious and yummy to feed the family, and the Mellow Man has gotten very creative with making pizza.  It reminds me of our honeymoon. Sometimes we make fresh pizza dough in the bread maker, and sometimes we swing my the bakery section of our local Publix and pick up a ready made dough.  While I personally like his homemade dough the best, sometimes that’s not in the cards, and the best way to make an almost homemade pizza perfect is fresh mozzarella.  It is so much better than the prepackaged shredded mozzarella on pizzas.  My most favorite recipe is an easy sauceless pizza margarhita with fresh mozzarella.Looking for a yummy & nutritious way to get your little guys to eat dinner? This super-easy sauceless Pizza Margherita is made with fresh mozzarella (Stella Cheese brand), and is bursting with the fresh flavors of summer. Can't want to make it tonight. Sponsored by Stella Cheese)
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Parmesan Orzo

I was trying to find good side dishes to serve with the Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe that we’ve been enjoying, and someone mentioned that she liked eating orzo and asparagus with Chicken Cordon Bleu.  I knew that Mellow Man liked and wanted Asparagus, but I thought I’d try my hand at Orzo.  Since I didn’t have a recipe, I went looking for one, and this is one that we now make a lot.  It’s a quick and easy recipe for Orzo and goes with many dishes.  I found the original version at All Recipes, which is a fabulous online recipe repository.  I’ve made some minor modifications to the recipe, but the original one is very good too.

This savory and tasty Parmesan Orzo recipe is the perfect side dish.  It will make a great addition to any dinner menu.

My Mom Made That: Parmesan Orzo

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Emily’s Tasty Turkey Reuben with Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese

I received compensation from Linqia and Alpine Lace to write this post and share my views on the Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese; however all opinions are 100% my own.

Reuben sandwiches are one of favorite deli treats!  I love pastrami, and I love melted Swiss cheese, and I love sauerkraut.  Oh and Rye bread, isn’t it the best?  While the sandwich is one of my favorites, it isn’t really the healthiest meal.  I’ve learned that in my active life, trying to get lots of things done, with the Little Monkey in tow that eating better helps me run better.  I’m trying to make switches to increase my energy and improve my sleep.  For example, I’m getting salads instead of sandwiches if we hit the drive through after the Big One’s basketball practices.  I found at a consignment sale this sweet little push car, so that the Little Monkey and I can take nice walks every day.  To give me some fuel on our daily outings, I decided to try to make a slightly lower fat version of my favorite Reuben sandwich to give me some lunchtime energy with new Reduced Fat Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese!

My Mom Made That: Turkey Reuben Tasty Reduced Fat Sandwich

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Welsh Rabbit {AKA Welsh Rarebit}

I don’t remember the first time I had the cheesy deliciousness that is Welsh Rabbit, but it is one of favorite dinners.  My parents used to cook it for me when I was a child, and it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I learned how to make it.  I know that it’s a popular pub food, as I had it on several of my trips to England/the United Kingdom.  It tastes quite good with a pint of ale, and I don’t even like ale.   The first time that I mentioned this recipe to Mellow Man he inquired about the word rabbit.  No, Welsh Rabbit doesn’t have any meat in it, unless you add some bacon to the top, and it has no rabbit in it.  The word Rabbit is pronounced RARE-bit, but is spelled like the furry little bunny.  I don’t know why.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia, of course.  As I understand it, the original name of the dish was Welsh Rabbit, but some people have started to spell it like it is pronounced calling it Welsh Rarebit.  I remember always seeing it in England with the word rabbit, and I know that the other place I have had the dish, Colonial Williamsburg, calls it Welsh Rabbit. 

Welsh Rabbit (also known as Welsh Rarebit) is a wonderful cheesy recipe that is an easy dinner idea that works well on a chilly evening or when you need a tasty light dinner. It's an easy pub food to make at home.
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