Patriotic Freezer Paper Coasters

I have been shocked by all of the DIY coasters that crafters have created.  In fact, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to DIY coasters.  I really like coasters as a way to spice up a table for any holiday.  A few years ago, I created a tutorial for Beaded Patriotic Coasters that I loved, but were quite time consuming and very delicate.   This year, I am going to show you a quick tutorial to design your own patriotic freezer paper coasters that will take less than 15 minutes to complete.   I used my Cricut Explore Air™ machine, but I am also going to show you how to make coasters using freezer paper without a cutting machine.

Using cork coasters, you can make these patriotic freezer paper coasters with a cutting machine or by hand in under 15 minutes! An easy, lightening fast craft!
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Washi Tape and Vinyl Valentine’s Day Coasters

A few years ago, I made some coasters with 4.5 inch bathroom titles that you can buy at any home improvement store.  Other than the two that were broken by the Little Monkey when he threw them across the room, they’ve held up pretty well.   I had four of the tiles left, and lots of red washi tape.  I’ve seen a wide variety of washi tape coasters, and I got to thinking that washi tape, plus my Silhouette Portrait, some vinyl and the bathroom tiles could make some festive Valentine’s Day coasters!  I thought that I could do a reverse pattern to use up the remaining bits of glossy red vinyl that was left over from the Valentine’s Day canvases that I showed you last week.

My Mom Made That: Washi Tape and Vinyl Valentine's Day Coasters
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Patriotic Beaded Coasters {Red White and Blue Crafts at Sugar Bee Crafts}

Sugar Bee Crafts Red White Blue
I’m so excited that I’ve had the chance to be part of the Red White Blue Series over at Sugar Bee Crafts. There are a bunch of other wonderful projects that are being shared by contributors, so be sure to check out all of them at Sugar Bee Crafts.  Today, I’m going to be sharing a beaded coaster tutorial.  Several years ago, I saw a segment on Martha Stewart about making beaded coasters, and I mentally stored it away as a project that I wanted to do.  The coasters looked so beautiful and easy to make that I knew I wanted to make them for some holiday.   I may not have made them exactly the way that Martha Stewart recommended, as I was doing this from memory of a television segment from a few years ago.    However, here’s how I made patriotic coasters, using pre-cut cork coasters and seed beads.

 photo BeadedCosters_zpsa7497c93.jpg

In order to make this project, I needed:

  1. Cork Coasters
  2. Seed Beads in red, white and blue.  (I needed 4 tubes total to make each coaster.)
  3. Beading Thread (Although I’m sure that a thicker white thread would work fine.)
  4. Beading Needle
  5. Super Tape
  6. Scissors
  7. A Marker

My Mom Made That: Beaded Coaster

First you’ll need to cut a piece of Super Tape to fit the coaster. All you need to do is trace the shape of the coaster onto the Super Tape. I put it up against the edge, so that I could use the remaining bits of the tape for another project.

My Mom Made That: Beaded Coasters

After you cut out the circle, I attached one side of the super tape to the cork coaster, and gathered together all of my beads. I used red, white and blue beads, and as each coaster needed 4 of the tubes, and I made 6 coasters, I needed 8 red tubes, 8 white tubes, and 8 blue tubes. I set out the tubes of beads, and the thread and the beading needle.   The beading needle and thread, I purchased here.

My Mom Made That: Beaded Coasters 3

Before I started stringing the seed beads onto the thread, I needed to make sure that the first bead didn’t fall off. I did this by repeatedly looping the thread into the needle, as you can see in this picture:My Mom Made That: Beaded Coasters

I found that about 3 times through insures that the bead won’t slide down and fall off. I then begin to string the beads onto the thread. I used the single colored tubes for the center most colors.  The color that I wanted on the outside rings of the coaster was the color that I used two tubes of beads for. I didn’t need all of the two tubes, so there was about a quarter of the beads left in the second tube. The stringing of the beads is the most tedious part, and probably took me 75 minutes a coaster to complete. Once I got towards the end, I tried my best to estimate when there were enough beads on the thread. I didn’t fully knot the other end of the thread when I was done, as I couldn’t be sure if I would need to add or remove a few of the beads.

I then removed the top covering of the Super Tape, and carefully wound the thread of beads into concentric circles around the coaster.  I have done it both from the center out and the outside in.  I found that moving from the outside in centered the coaster best, but moving from the inside out make the concentric circles the tightest.  Try both ways and see what works best for you!  After I got the beads wound onto the coaster, I knotted the last bead again by looping the thread repeatedly through the bead.

My Mom Made That: Beaded Coasters

You can do any pattern of red, white and blue beads, and you could mix them up and not have the colors completely separated, and have patterns of beads if you wanted to! The style ends up being sparkley and delicate looking. They will be perfect for you dinner table on the Fourth of July. Mellow Man noted when I was finished that these coasters were very pretty, but didn’t seem so durable. I wasn’t sure if that was true until I was taking pictures for this post. Monkey was sitting next to me, and reached over and managed to destroy one of the coasters in just a moment. He basically bent the coaster back and popped the thread so the beads went flying everywhere. I thought that everyone might benefit from my learning experience with these coasters!

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