Gluten Free Vanilla Cream Pie

In our house, we eat a lot of gluten, but I know that’s not always the case.   I remember the first time I even heard the word gluten– it was about 8 years ago. I met this lovely, delicate women at a party, and she wasn’t eating much because she told me that she had Celiac disease. She explained how sick eating glutens made her, and how difficult it was to find foods that were truly gluten free. Shortly after meeting her, I met two other women with Celiac Disease, and I saw how challenging it was for them to find good foods to eat.  Times have changed, and so many products are gluten free now.  Right now, many of your favorite General Mills cereals are now gluten free– like Honey Nut and Chocolate Cheerios (as well as Lucky Charms!), and you can pick them up at Publix (my favorite grocery store).  Besides being gluten free, Cheerios are also an incredible versatile food for snacking and baking needs, and if you are looking for a gluten free equivalent for a graham cracker crust, try this Honey Nut Cheerio Crust and filling to making a completely Gluten Free Vanilla Cream Pie!  Not only is it gluten free, it’s also No Bake!
Looking for an easy to make, summery Gluten Free Dessert!? Try this easy Vanilla cream pie made with a Honey Nut Cherrios Crust (insteat of Graham Crackers!) I can't wait to taste it! [Read more…]

Breakfast Success Ideas for National Cereal Day

I got a memo once from school about the need to make sure that my children had a healthy and complete breakfast every morning before the start of school.  I believe in the value of breakfast, honestly, but I don’t know if my idea of a “healthy and complete” breakfast was the same as the school’s idea.  In fact, I was told that my children needed to have more than “just a bowl of cereal.”   Honestly, I was a little surprised– breakfast cereals can be a wonderful source of protein, fiber and energy to ensure that you have energy and nutrition to carry a person until lunch.  Add your favorite type of milk, and you’ve got more protein and calcium.   Of course, you have to pick the right cereal, and read the label.  (Sometimes I’m loathe to do this, but I’m trying to make healthy choices this year.)  I think that the right cereal choices are a great way for an overall breakfast success.

My Mom Made That: Breakfast Success for National Cereal Day

My Mom Made That: Breakfast Success for National Cereal Day [Read more…]

Decoupaged School Box for Box Tops

This past week, I got an email blast from both the Big One’s and the Monkey’s schools asking me to make sure that I was clipping my BoxTops. Trust me, I’m always clipping BoxTops.  I think moms with kiddos in schools are always in fundraising mode.  We are always looking for ways to help our children’s schools stretch their dollars a little further and raise just a few more.  We want our kiddos to have the highest quality education and that takes money.  When I was shopping at my favorite dollar spot recently, I saw this bright red balsa wood file box, and I realized that it would be awesome for BoxTop storage.  I decided to give it a vintage, school house feel, and when I was done, I was so delighted with my Decoupage School Box that I decided to fill it with my BoxTops, and drop it off in my son’s school office.

My Mom Made That: Decoupage School Box for BoxTops {Sponsored by General Mills and Box Tops for Education}
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