Easy Kids’ Craft: A Goldfish Snack Tote

Who eats snacks in the car?  Who lets their kids eat in the car?  I mean honestly, my “Mommy-van” is covered in crumbs.  (And sand.  Lots and lots of sand, so much so that I am honestly shocked that there is any left in the sandbox at preschool.)   The snack that we eat on the playground and the car are usually Goldfish, and I know that my Monkey and Peanut aren’t the only Goldfish cracker lovers out there.  When the Monkey had to pick his snack foods for preschool, he usually said that he wanted to take Goldfish to share with this friends.  And his class mascot is a Dolphin, so using my Cricut Explore, the two of us created a very special Goldfish Snack Tote that has his “Dolphin School” mascot on it.  Since we found that it was a great mommy-son project, I thought I’d share this tutorial for making your very own Goldfish Snack Tote.

Does your kiddo love Goldfish Crackers? All of my boys love the crackers, and are probably one of the most beloved snack foods in our house. Since my preschooler loves to do projects with me, we used my Cricut Machine to create a very special Goldfish Snack Tote! {Project sponsored by Goldfish Crackers.}
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