13+ Handprint Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

I’m a sucker for handprint gifts.  I love receiving them, and I really love giving them.  To be honest, I have always loved the way little baby and toddler hands look with their sweet little dimples on their knuckles.  Let me not forget those chubby little toes, and darling footprints.  For my first Mother’s Day, 14 years ago, the Big One’s teachers had all of the children make handprints that were laminated.  His handprint was so tiny, and I still remember so distinctly how those little fingers felt when I was holding his hand.  Now his hand is ginormous, and much larger than mine.  Time flies, and grasping on to those sweet moments is so precious to us mamas.  A while ago, I started a Pinterest board called Sweet Hands and Feet that included all of the great handprint craft ideas I’ve discovered on various blogs, and I wanted to highlight just a few of the wonderful Handprint Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day that any mother would love.  (I’ve thrown in a few footprint ideas too!)

Looking for a sweet and memorable gift idea for Mother's Day, check out these 13+ Handprint (and Footprint) Gift Ideas! A round-up by My Mom Made That
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