Sweet Orange and Honey Body Wash

Ever since I started making homemade beauty products, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession for natural beauty and essential oils. I’ve begun to collect lots of little essential oil bottles, and I’ve been creating gifts for teachers, and family.  As I try to learn new ways to make lotions, shampoos and body washes, I’ve been reading about the differences in carrier oils, and the advantages of different essential oils.  I also read a lot about the benefits of raw honey for your skin and hair.  Raw honey is different from most of the honey we buy in the grocery store because it hasn’t been heated and pasteurized.  There are more nutrients in raw honey, and it is purported to be both healing and moisturizing for the skin.  Personally, I wanted to know how sticky honey became a body wash because it’s so sticky.  Thus, I decided to create a Sweet Orange and Honey Body Wash using raw honey.
Did you know that Raw Honey is wonderful for your skin? Check out this easy tutorial using raw honey, castille soap and natural oils to create a luscious Sweet Orange and Honey Body Wash (tutorial by My Mom Made That)
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