The “Little” Very Hungry Caterpillar

Could you tell how much fun I had making the “fat” Very Hungry Caterpillar last week?  I think it’s probably one of my favorite projects, and gave me several hours of blissed out embroidery enjoyment.  The first “fat” caterpillar was made by using a coloring sheet that I got an event with the Little Monkey.  I was so happy with the results that I wanted to make a second  piece of Very Hungry Caterpillar Hoop Art before the caterpillar got fat.  I wanted to make one that looked like the cover of the book when the caterpillar first hatched out of the egg and was little and cute.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a coloring sheet for that particularly caterpillar picture, so I needed to use a different technique to make a pattern for this round of my hoop art.My Mom Made That: "Little" Very Hungry Caterpillar
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