Distressed Key Holder

We have a menace in our home. He rules the entire house with his iron fist– his chubby, tiny fist. He’s our pint-sized ball of energy– the Little Monkey. He is in the midst of the tantrums and power struggles and emotional roller coasters of the toddler period. He is fascinated by doors and keys, particularly the remote control for the car. Our original key holder was low enough for him to snatch the keys and play with them. The Mellow Man and I would go to the car and find it unlocked and the sliding doors of the van open.   The third time this happened, we decided that it was time to move the key holder up higher.  When we did this, we realized that we’d need to resize it.  It worked out just fine that way– I wasn’t totally happy with the original product, and Mellow Man thought the green didn’t go in our Red accented Knotty Pine kitchen (as an aside, can one paint knotty pine?)  Thus, we decided to have a re-do on this DIY project, and created a new distressed key holder.

My Mom Made That: Distressed Key Holder
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