20+ St. Patrick’s Day Kid Craft Ideas

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and there is something about this magical day that delights children.
Maybe it’s the gold coins and leprechauns?  Gold and glitter are two items that are sure to delight all children.  In case you are looking for a few craft ideas that you can make with your children, both school-aged and preschoolers, look no further.  I’ve gathered together a collection of more than 20 St. Patrick’s Day Kid Craft ideas that are sure to please your littlest Leprechauns!

Looking for some fun projects to make with your kiddos this St. Patrick's Day? Here are more than 20 ideas to inspire you and your kids-- More than 20 St. Patrick's Day Kids' Craft ideas for you to try today!

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Preschoolers

We just got back from Walt Disney World, and I thought I would share how ideal Disney’s Hollywood Studios is for preschoolers and toddlers.  I have to be honest– historically, I would have said that of the 4 parks in Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios is my least favorite.  It’s always felt more like the action and adventure side of Disney, and less about the magic and wonder.  Between the Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and the emphasis on Star Wars, it’s just seemed like Hollywood Studios was a park that is geared towards the tweens and older.  However, after this last trip to Walt Disney World with my 4-year-old Peanut and 2-year-old Monkey, I can honestly say that after the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the best park for preschoolers!  In case you were planning your own trip, here is how to make most of Disney’s Hollywood Studios for preschoolers (or toddlers!)

Are you planning on heading to Walt Disney World? Here are several tips and tricks to make the most of your trip to Hollywood Studios for Preschoolers and Toddlers!
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7 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with A Teen Boy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have two bathrooms in our house. For most homes that would mean that there is a parents’ bathroom, and a kids’ bathroom. Somehow it didn’t work out that way in our house. Instead, the Littles share one bathroom with the Mellow Man, and the Big One and I am now sharing  the bathroom with my teen boy.  Up until the past year or so, I didn’t have many complaints.  However, the older he gets, there are new challenges and realities of sharing a bathroom with him.  On the upside, this is partially due to the fact that he is showing a greater concern for personal hygiene.  On the downside, sharing a bathroom with a teen is now creating many more Clorox® moments for me than I ever imagined I would have!

My Mom Made That: 6 Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with a Teenaged Boy
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The Joy of Movement: Coping with Mobile Infants

My favorite stage of early childhood is from approximately 6 months until 18 months.  It’s the stage where my sweet little babies are curious and developing their distinct personalities, but still very much sweet little babies.  You see, I love babies.  You know how some people are toddler people, and some people are kid people, well, I’m a baby person.  I love all of my guys equally, but babies make my heart melt.  However, one of the biggest challenges of this phase of infancy is coping with an extremely mobile infant, who has no awareness of the dangers of his world.  I tend to be a somewhat laid back parent, but I’ve found that there are a few tricks to allow my babies to enjoy the freedom and joy of movement, while creating a safe (without going overboard) environment for exploration.

My Mom Made that: The Joy of Movement-- Dealing with the mobile infant
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Room Sharing: Knowing Our Littles Are Safe

I have a friend who told me that she would never have her children share a bedroom. I’m not sure why she felt that way although she did share that she had concerns about lack of privacy and always having to share. For better or for worse, and I’d like to think for better, our Little Boys, the Peanut and Monkey are sharing a room. As an only child, I like to imagine the two little boys whispering and telling secrets to one another in the years to come. Right now, I fret a great deal about the room sharing. I worry that my toddler will hurt my infant, not out of malice, but rather out of the desire to “help.” Luckily, we’ve found a way to keep the boys safe— the Levana Ovia Baby Video Monitor.

My Mom Made That: Room Sharing and Knowing your Child is Safe (Sponsored by

In our house, the nursery is on a different floor from the master bedroom.  What’s more the helpful and enthusiastic Monkey is sleeping near the Peanut.  His presence in the room with the Peanut has increased my level of concerns.  Stuffed, cuddly toys end up in the Peanut’s crib because the Monkey is convinced that the Peanut would like them.  What would happen if the Monkey tossed a heavy blanket– would the Peanut be able to move out from under it?  When the Peanut was a lot smaller, that was a huge worry.  I am a firm believer in following the room sharing recommendation of the American Academic of Pediatricians.  However, at some point in time, Mommy and Daddy are ready for a good night’s sleep.  After the Peanut got his ear tubes in place a few weeks ago, we decided that it was time for that transition

We’ve worried about that transition, well, honestly, I’ve worried, and been fearful of potentially awakening to find that the Peanut had been smothered by love, blankets and toys left by the Monkey during the night.  Luckily, the Ovia Video Baby Monitor by Levana has provided some relief.  It’s amazing how much technology has changed since the Big One was an infant. When he was small, we had a little audio monitor that filled my room with the white noise of static to alert me when he cried in his room. It actually bugged me enough that I didn’t use it.  With this new monitor, there is no static feedback– when the Peanut cries, or the Monkey calls for me, all I hear are their little voices.My Mom Made That: Image of Ovia 2 Camera Video MonitorPlus, with two cameras, I can keep one next to the Monkey’s spot in the Master Bedroom, so that if he is sleeping the room with us, I can still keep an eye on him in his cradle.  The video monitor that is in the nursery give me a clear view of both the Monkey’s Toddler Bed, and the Peanut’s crib, and the monitor in the Master Bedroom lets me look right into the Peanut’s cradle.  What’s even better is that I can see the both, day or night.  The night vision on the Video monitor allows the camera to see up to 15 feet away, which is across the room in the nursery.

Room Sharing and Child Safety Post (Levana Ovia Video Baby Monitor)

I didn’t mount our monitor because I want the ability to move them when needed.  I can take them with me when we go to visit my Mother In Law in Florida, but one is able to wall mount a video monitor above the baby’s crib if one so chooses.   This gives a clear shot directly into the crib, which I think could be really useful, particularly if you are not room sharing during the first few months of life.

My Mom Made That: Image of Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor

There are some other advantages I’ve learned about this new technology.  For example, sometimes the Monkey goes to his room when he is tired, but refusing to nap– we are at that stage where most days he doesn’t need a nap, but he can still be really tired.  Sometimes he get really upset about this and tantrums, as young three-year-olds are want to do.  The 4.3 inch LCD Video monitor allows me to keep an eye on him while he tantrums to make sure that he is not getting too out of control.  What more, there is even an intercom button that allows me to talk directly to him if needed.  I can also talk to the Peanut if he’s crying or too upset without having to go directly to him.  This increases the likelihood that he will fall asleep without me having to hold him.  I have learned that seeing me only increases the Peanut’s Desire to be held until he goes back to sleep.

If the white noise machine isn’t working for the two boys– no problem! Directly from the monitor, I can select several different lullabies to play. (I don’t really need this for my Littles, as they have been listening to their sound machines since birth and associate them with sleep, but this might be something that is very valuable to other families.)

My Mom Made That: Room Sharing and Knowing your Child is Safe (Sponsored by Levana Ovia Video Monitor)

If you are interested in getting a Levana Ovia Video Monitor for yourself, you can check out the deals that Levana has right here or stop by their Facebook Page. What’s more, right now there is an awesome giveaway going on where you could win one of three Levana Ovia 2 Video Monitors!

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        Can’t wait until the Giveaway is Over? 70001c80-19de-11e5-adfc-22000af93a2d   Do you think this kind of technology would help make you relax about room sharing with two Littles? Being a mom keeps us busy! What do you wish you could do more of? Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

To see how the monitor looks in our nursery, here’s a little YouTube video of its placement: