Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake #Yogurtperfection

Personally, I think yogurt is a pretty amazing superfood. At least it is in our house. It’s a good source of calcium and protein. My kids will eat it. It can work as a dessert all by itself. You can cook with it. You can bake with it. Oh, and did I mention that my kids eat it AND love it? There are lots of amazing recipes that you can use with yogurt, but today I am going to share one for Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake that I made with Liberté Méditerranée® French Vanilla and Lemon yogurts. Its a perfect tangy sweet dessert for you to take any neighborhood picnic or end of the school year party. The kids will think it’s yummy, and the adults with think it’s sophisticatedly delicious. (Of course, I found the Liberté Méditerranée® yogurt at my local Publix because that’s where I shop.)

My Mom Made That: Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake
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Lemon Extract

There is something wonderful about giving things that are homemade.  This year for Christmas, I gave all of the bakers in my family 8 ounces of homemade Vanilla Extract.  The Vanilla Extract that I made was such a wonderful success.  I have used it, both the run and vodka varieties, and I think that it competes with any high-end store-bought brand at a fraction of the price.  To make the Christmas gifts, I had to buy  a large bottle of vodka and a large number of eight ounce Jelly Mason jars.  Since I had supplies left over, I decided that I’d like to make lemon extract.  Lemon extract (well except for maybe Almond Extract) is probably the main extract that I use besides Vanilla Extract.  It seemed to me that the Lemon Extract would be easier to make.  (It is, by the way, but only a little bit less challenging!)

My Mom Made That: Homemade Lemon Extract
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