Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace

I’m so excited about sharing this project today because I saw a variant of the Beauty and the Beast Rose necklace on Pinterest, but it was clearly not any easy DIY jewelry project.   However, I daydreamed about ways to make it easier, make it something that I could do, as I’m a crafter, not a professional jeweler.  Then while browsing the beads section at my local Michael’s store lead me to an idea, and sometimes my ideas don’t work.  Luckily this one did, and I was able to come up with a way to make my very own Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace.  And while the final results aren’t as fancy as those by professional jewelers, I was so pleased by how the final necklace turned out!  This is an easy jewelry craft project to create your very own Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace that is inspired by the rose in the bell jar from the classic Disney movie!
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Sport Fan Pendants {Summer Swim League Swag}

My Mom Made That: Sports Fan Pendant
Well, the summer swimming season is winding to a close.  Frog has one meet left this season (the “Big” one, in fact!), and then he’ll have a brief break from swimming.  He has been doing very well, and  I love watching how excited he gets when he is swimming with his friends.   I ended up making pendants for both of us last week to accompany his paracord bracelets, and my charm bracelet.  I received a lot of compliments about the necklace from other parents, and I was delighted with how easy the pendants were to make and how easily they could be personalized with anyone’s favorite team or mascot.
My Mom Made That: Summer Swim Leauge Button
I had a pendant kit that came with the 1″ pendants and the 1″ glass domes.  It had a selection of black and chrome pendants.  I thought Frog would find the black to be more manly.  He enjoys wearing manly necklaces that include things like arrowheads, shark teeth or dog tags, so I was hoping that this one would also appeal to him.  This is a super quick and easy project, and I was able to make both pendants in under 30 minutes.  It took a bit longer to dry, but I did them after Frog went to bed one night, so they were ready to wear in the morning!

After you find and save your team logo as a jpg file, and print it out, you’ll need to get it into the pendant.  The first step is to punch out your mascot or sports’ team shape with a 1″ punch, so you get a nice smooth fit in the pendant case.  I’m sure that most everyone knows this tip, but its much easier to get the punch perfectly positioned if you turn the paper over, so you can see the shape in the opening.

My Mom Made That: Sport Fan Pendant

Once you’ve gotten the logo or mascot punched out, you use a little diamond glaze to get the pendant put together using the punched logo, the glass dome and the pendant.  Once you’ve glued it together, you set it aside to dry.  I left them to dry over night.

My Mom Made That: Sport Fan Pendant Necklace

Then to accent mine, I got out some black and red beads and attached them to head pins. I didn’t think Frog would like these details, so I left them off of his.

My Mom Made That: Sports' Fan Pendant

After I had a red one and a black one (those are his team’s colors), I attached them to my largest jump ring.  The next morning when everything had dried, I strung the pendants and the jump ring onto ball chains.  Frog was delighted when he woke up, and has been wearing his ever since!

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