Traveling with a Nursing Infant to Washington DC: Part 1

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We just got back from another trip with the Monkey, and I realized that some of my experiences traveling with my nursling could possibly be helpful to other mothers out there.  Monkey has just turned 9-months-old, and has been exclusively breast-fed since birth.  Traveling with him has reminded me that there are situations and challenges that mothers encounter when hitting the road with a nursing baby.  I’ve also learned that many places are well suited for finding a quiet spot for nursing while others were probably better skipped until the Monkey was a bit older.   I travel to Washington, D.C. about once a year.  My last trip there was about 10 months ago, shortly before Monkey made his appearance.  Frog went with me on that trip.  He opted out of going back to DC this time around, as it would have caused him to miss a swim meet.

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Traveling to Disney with a Nursing Infant: Tips Part 2

My Mom Made That: Traveling to Disney with a Nursing Infant: Part 2

If you read my post from a few days ago, you’ll recall that Frog, Monkey and I just got back from Disney World. It was Monkey’s first trip, and my first time traveling with a nursing infant.  I learned a few things during my days at the parks, and realized as I was writing the first post that it would be better to break things up into 2 separate posts.  Please know that there are hundreds of great Disney resources out there, just one little Google search away.  I strongly encourage people to utilize these resources, as I’m continually learning new things about the Magical World of Disney.
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Traveling to Disney with a Nursing Infant: Tips Part 1

Well, Monkey, Frog and I just returned from a long weekend trip to Disney World.  We are very lucky in that we can visit a lot, as we have a family member who works there.  It helps us enjoy the parks without feeling the pressure of doing and seeing everything each trip.  This was Monkey’s first visit to Walt Disney World, and we made sure that he got his “First Visit” button, and attached it to his stroller—after taking the token picture of him wearing it.

My Mom Made That: Traveling to Disney Part 1

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