Springtime Mailbox Refurbishment

It must be nearly spring!  Houses are selling in our neighborhood quickly, and lots of families are out doing beautification projects.  When I was driving around our neighborhood, I was noticing that there were a lot of pretty mailboxes, and I started thinking that we needed to replace ours.  After pricing them, and realizing the cost, and acknowledging that all my mailbox needed was a little TLC, I decided that a mailbox refurbishment rather than a replacement was in order.  I thought I’d share how I went about refurbishing our mailbox, as it takes only a couple of hours, spaced over a weekend.  With the springtime weather, this is such an easy DIY to spruce up your outdoor home!

Does your mailbox look weathered and untidy? Don't replace it! You can update it inexpensively with paint and vinyl following this mailbox refurbishment to make your house stand out!
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My $5 Thrifted, Chalky Paint High Chair

Have you ever had a project that takes years to finish. This was one of those projects. It was on my “Honey-Do” list for two years. Mellow Man asked me to please, please finish it, and I did– earlier this fall. Honestly, I love how it came out, and was delighted when I found this high chair for sale at a consignment sale for $5. It seemed like a steal, and I figured that with a coat or two of painted, I could have a wonderful thrifted, chalky paint high chair that would look perfect in our dining room.

My Mom Made That: My $5 Thrifted Chalky Paint Highchair
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Easy DIY Winter Soup Bowl

Baby it’s cold outside!  Finally! Well, December came and went, and it wasn’t that bad, but now it’s the season for soup, stews and foods that warm you.  It’s also the season to relax and regenerate from the chaos and overindulgence of the holidays.  (Or is my family the only one living in chaos over Christmas?) Soup has this ability to really help center me, particularly more nutritious and healthy options.  If you realize that you have a person that still needs a holiday gift, or you want to give them a New Years or Get Well Soon gift, soup and a personally decorated bowl are a great choice.  I made this super easy DIY winter soup bowl with a few paint pens and my Silhouette Portrait.  It is a perfect accompaniment for the yummy Progresso Light soups that I have been eating.

My Mom Made That: Easy DIY Winter Soup Bowls

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Super Mario Brothers Perler Bead Fan Art

Super Mario Brothers games are kind of the Mellow Man’s thing.  We have gaming systems that are for the whole family, but the Mellow Man is the master of Super Mario Brothers.  He’s told me that he first got hooked on the original Super Mario Brothers on the NES system in the late 80’s.  He also played Donkey Kong before that.  Since the original game, he has every Mario Brothers game that nintendo released.  It’s the main reason we got a WiiU– to play the new MarioKart and Super Mario Brothers.  I get him a lot of Mario Brothers related gifts, and fan art.   While I usually buy his Super Mario Art, for Father’s Day, I decided to make him a present for his office using a painting canvas and Perler beads (affiliate link).  I love how it turned out, and thought he could put it next to his “Seriously” sign.

Mario Brother Perler Bead Fan Art

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Distressed Key Holder

We have a menace in our home. He rules the entire house with his iron fist– his chubby, tiny fist. He’s our pint-sized ball of energy– the Little Monkey. He is in the midst of the tantrums and power struggles and emotional roller coasters of the toddler period. He is fascinated by doors and keys, particularly the remote control for the car. Our original key holder was low enough for him to snatch the keys and play with them. The Mellow Man and I would go to the car and find it unlocked and the sliding doors of the van open.   The third time this happened, we decided that it was time to move the key holder up higher.  When we did this, we realized that we’d need to resize it.  It worked out just fine that way– I wasn’t totally happy with the original product, and Mellow Man thought the green didn’t go in our Red accented Knotty Pine kitchen (as an aside, can one paint knotty pine?)  Thus, we decided to have a re-do on this DIY project, and created a new distressed key holder.

My Mom Made That: Distressed Key Holder
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