My $5 Thrifted, Chalky Paint High Chair

Have you ever had a project that takes years to finish. This was one of those projects. It was on my “Honey-Do” list for two years. Mellow Man asked me to please, please finish it, and I did– earlier this fall. Honestly, I love how it came out, and was delighted when I found this high chair for sale at a consignment sale for $5. It seemed like a steal, and I figured that with a coat or two of painted, I could have a wonderful thrifted, chalky paint high chair that would look perfect in our dining room.

My Mom Made That: My $5 Thrifted Chalky Paint Highchair
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Upcycled Stenciled Stool for the Bathroom

Thanks to Royal Design Studios for providing the products for today’s post; all opinions are 100% my own!

Around here it’s consignment season. That means that it’s the perfect time for me to find wonderful bargains on children’s clothing and slightly worn children’s furniture.  I love scouring the rooms filled with cast off children’s treasures to see if there is anything worthy of a good upcycle.  Last sale season, I found a step stool that was perfect for the boys’ bathroom. It cost just $4, and the finish on the wood was a little faded, but I thought that it wouldn’t take long to fix it up.

I brought it home with me, and proudly showed my purchase to the Mellow Man. He raised one eyebrow, and said, “Can’t you finish a few projects before you get started on anything else?” I think that this is the mantra and plea of the spouse of every DIY/craft blogger. Of course, my response, “It was only $4,” is likely the retort of every DIY/craft blogger.

My Mom Made That: Upcycled Stenciled Stool

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