Lasagna Rollups with Meat and Spinach

Who’s heard of Lasagna Rollups?  Until recently I hadn’t.  The Mellow Man loves Lasagna, and a few years ago my sweet mother-in-law told me about lasagna rollups.  I’ve been told that they are easier and quicker to make than regular lasagna, but I certainly don’t see them as being a huge time saver in that regard.  However, what the big advantage is the packaging of the leftovers.  I always try to make a ton of lasagna so that the Mellow Man can take it for lunch.  Now that the Big One is in the midst of his crazy adolescent growth spurt, lots of extra food is key.  Now, when I go all out with lasagna rollups, I make my own sauce from scratch, but I’ve found that the Ragu Homestyle sauce is a wonderful substitute.  It’s hearty and flavorful and a great substitute for my own “Homestyle” sauce.Love lasagna, but want to make it more bite-sized or portable? Lasagna Rollups are the answer to your problems! They make packaging for lunch or freezing for leftovers a dream! The lasagna rollups have spinach, meat and fresh mozarella and are covered with Ragu's Homestyle sauce! (The post was sponsored by Ragu) A delicious Italian Pasta Dinner that you're sure to enjoy for dinner tonight!
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Easy One-Skillet Chili Mac

I had this idea. Maybe it was a bad idea, but I figured, why not. My son, the Big One, doesn’t like Chili. He says it’s too spicy. Has too many beans. Chili just isn’t for him. The Mellow Man, on the other hand, doesn’t like Macaroni and Cheese. He doesn’t get it. He says that cheese and noodles just isn’t enough substance for an entire meal. I like both. So, I thought that I would try an easy Chili Mac dish that would be great for an easy family meal. It’s perfect for this time of year, the cold, the sports (nothing says Super Bowl like a chili-based meal). Plus, unlike Chili, this would be quicker and only require my large skillet.  Again, this was my plan.  I also decided to buy the Progresso Chili to speed up my cooking– I wouldn’t have to worry too much about adding extra seasoning, all of the kick and tang would be remeasured for me. What could be simpler than my easy one-skillet chili mac, right?

My Mom Made That: Easy One Skillet Chili Mac (using Progresso Chili as a starter)
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Baked Ziti Recipe

Anyone else have a teen who is always starving?  I swear, since the Big One turned 12 last year, he’s eating us out of house and home.  We are now going through several loaves of bread and several gallons of milk each week.  And it’s like he grows before our very eyes.  (He’s now several inches taller than me.)  This feeding frenzy isn’t just due to his age, but the level of physical activity that he’s engaging in with his sports and athletics.  So… I’m always on the lookout for family-friendly recipes that are delicious for all of us, and will make enough to feed my starving kid.  This Baked Ziti Recipe with both Sausage and Ground Beef is a crowd pleaser for my family, and I originally found the recipe on AllRecipes, but I have switched it up a bit to suit my family’s tastes.

My Mom Made That: Baked Ziti with Sausage and Ground Beef Recipe
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Homemade Meatballs with Red Sauce Recipe

I’ve watched a fair amount of reality TV.  Most shows aren’t something that I will watch on a regular basis, but I can’t help but pause the remote for a while.  Isn’t there something addictive about watching other people’s craziness on TV?  It’s a lot like watching a train wreck.  I’ve noticed at on a number of shows, there are scenes of the matriarch of the family making red sauce.  It’s a secret family recipe that is pasted down once a child as earned the right  “Red sauce” isn’t a big family recipe around here.  In fact, I didn’t quite know what red sauce, per se, was until I did some research.  I do use marinara and tomato-based pasta sauce, and apparently in some families and in some parts of the country, this is a beloved recipe that is passed down from parent to child.  I’ve never made my own marinara myself.

Here's an easy Homemade Meatball recipe that will go with your favorite red sauce. It's an easy meal to make to serve up with your favorite pasta.
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Parmesan Orzo

I was trying to find good side dishes to serve with the Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe that we’ve been enjoying, and someone mentioned that she liked eating orzo and asparagus with Chicken Cordon Bleu.  I knew that Mellow Man liked and wanted Asparagus, but I thought I’d try my hand at Orzo.  Since I didn’t have a recipe, I went looking for one, and this is one that we now make a lot.  It’s a quick and easy recipe for Orzo and goes with many dishes.  I found the original version at All Recipes, which is a fabulous online recipe repository.  I’ve made some minor modifications to the recipe, but the original one is very good too.

This savory and tasty Parmesan Orzo recipe is the perfect side dish.  It will make a great addition to any dinner menu.

My Mom Made That: Parmesan Orzo

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