English Cottage Pie

As I have previously mentioned, I think that I am a bit of an anglophile.  I have a certain affinity for English foods, and actually enjoy and like English cuisine.  I love the full English breakfasts with delicious cooked mushroom and half of a tomato. Even more than the English Full, I’m particularly fond of English pub foods.  For example, when I traveled to the United Kingdom on previous occasions, I had Welsh Rabbit a number of times, and enjoy making my own.  One other dish that enjoyed in pubs in the UK and around home is Cottage Pie.  Recently, I’ve also gotten in the habit of making a yummy English Cottage Pie, sometimes called Shepherd’s Pie for my family, and after several trial runs, I’m ready to share my recipe!
My Mom Made That: English Cottage Pie
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World’s Best Mashed Potatoes

Well, I don’t know if they are really the world’s best mashed potatoes, but according to my 10-year-old, I make the world’s best.  Whenever we go out to eat, or even go to friends’ and relatives’ houses, my son will taste the the mashed potatoes and announced, “Well, they aren’t as good as my mom’s!”  I’m usually a bit horrified and embarrassed when he proclaims this, but husband also tells me that my mashed potatoes are very good.  After making them for my mother-in-law, she asked me how I made them, and how they were different from other people’s mashed potatoes.  I don’t know if they are different from traditional mashed potatoes, but I thought I’d share how I make them.

My Mom Made That: Best Mashed Potatoes Tips and Hints
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Traditional New Year’s Day Menu: Cooking Greens and Black Eyed Peas {Family Favorite}

This year, LB, my parents and I celebrated New Year’s Day with my in-laws in Florida.  (MM had to work, and BB was away with his dad’s family.)  Before arriving my mother-in-law and I talked about having New Year’s Day dinner.  Her family is from above the Mason-Dixon line, and her New Year’s Day menu is somewhat different from that I grew up with.  She grew up with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.   I grew up with black-eyed peas, collards and rice.  We both always have pork on New Year’s.  We divided the menu up, and she cooked her traditional favorites and the pork, and I cooked the greens and peas.  Greens and peas are required for wealth and good luck in the New Year, so I was determined to have them!
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