Easy Holiday Decorated Kleenex Box

I have lost count of all of the colds that my Littles have had this year.  Too many to count, and it’s just now becoming the peak cold season.  My pediatrician told me that young children average 14 colds a year.  Fourteen… and if each cold lasts approximately a week, that means that 14 weeks a year my Little Boys will be sick.  And when the are several Littles, germs are shared and colds last longer and work their way through a family.  No wonder it feels like someone is always sick in our house– it’s probably true!  This means that we go through a lot of the standard cold supplies around here, especially Kleenex, meaning we have them in every room, and we need to buy them in bulk.  However, I’ve decided that there isn’t a reason that they can’t look festive for this holiday season.  Since the holidays are right in the middle of cold and flu season, I felt that spreading a little holiday cheer with a festive Kleenex box would be a great decoration, as well as something to share with friends and family.

My Mom Made That: Easy Holiday Decorated Kleenex Box
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