Romantic Rose Jasmine Sugar Scrub

I have to admit that I’m still learning about essential oils, and I am coming at them from a different point of view than many of the websites out there. I don’t completely understand all of their therapeutic benefits, and I’m not trying to fully maximize those aspects. I do recognize that different scents make you feel differently. Some make you feel calm and relaxed, some make you have more energy. My Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash really makes me feel alive and refreshed, and I know that the essential oils contribute to that sensation. For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make a romantic scented sugar scrub, and I did some reading, trying to find a good blend. I picked up some Jasmine essential oil recently, and it smells heavenly.  I actually wasn’t sure how best to blend it with other essential oils.  Believe it or not, searching for blends took me quite a while because I didn’t really want to buy any more essential oils– if I keep it up my sweet Mellow Man is going to start asking questions about all of these little bottles in my house.  Then I came upon an awesome blend of Rose and Jasmine essential oils that is accented by Ylang Ylang.  I tried the blend, and it is heavenly, floral and perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift!  Thus, I created a Rose Jasmine Sugar Scrub for this blend.

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