Why I Switched to the Cricut Explore Air

This is a post that is sponsored by Cricut.  I am proud to partner with them and am honored to be using their products.  My opinions and enjoyment of Cricut is 100% my own.  Additionally, This post may contain affiliate links, which won’t cost you extra to purchase but helps support this site.

Over the summer of 2016 I did something pretty radical, at least for me– After spending three years working with my Silhouette Portrait, I switched to the Cricut Explore Air™ machine   I know that some people who knew me were confused about my switch.  Mellow Man, my husband, was confused.  He didn’t get why I had another machine that did something nearly identical.  Given his confusion, and then the Big One asking why I had a new machine next to my desk.  That got me to thinking that maybe others might be interested in why I switched to the Cricut Explore Air.

Are you unsure of which cutting machine to choose? Let me tell you why I switched to using a Cricut Explore Air. I review the things that I love about the machine along with reflections on the Silhouette line of products. {Post sponsored by Cricut.}
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Halloween Spooky Eyes Luminaries

I was driving along the other day, and this memory of a scene from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland popped into my mind.  Alice is lost in the Tulgey Woods and sees these spooky eyes in the woods.  (If you are really curious about the image, a quick Google image search for Tulgey Woods, should yield the image that I am referring to.)  Then I started thinking about all of the times, this image appeared in animated movies for situations where people are lost and scared– Brightly colored eyes reflecting back from the woods.  I decided to see if I could recreate this look with Halloween luminaries. I know traditionally that luminaries are paper, and I love the look of paper luminaries.  For this project, I used jars and glow sticks, so we could reuse the luminaries, and given the busyness of the Little Monkey’s chubby little hands these days, I wanted to reduce fire risk.

My Mom Made That: Spooky Eyed Halloween Luminaries
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Glitter Valentine’s Day Candles

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Well, it’s less than a month from Valentine’s Day, and with the last of the Christmas decor safely secured on our basement storage shelves, Mellow Man brought up our Valentine’s Day decorations.  Of course, I’ve got to make new ones every year, to spice things up!  I’ve had a red and white candle sitting in my craft box, waiting to decorate.  I picked them up for about a dollar a piece, and I finally got a chance to spice things up using the Silhouette Portrait.  I got out the messy fun glitter, and tried out some double-sided adhesive from Silhouette America.  In less than 30 minutes, I had 3 colorful and sparkly Glitter Valentine’s Day Candles!

Use extra fine glitter and double-sized adhesive paper to make your very own Valentine's Day Glitter Candles with Candles that you can pick up at the Dollar Store!

My Mom Made That: Glitter Valentine's Day Candles

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Glitter and Vinyl Minecraft Ornament for Christmas

One of my family’s Christmas traditions is the addition of a meaningful Christmas ornament to each child’s ornament collection every year.  I have a great collection of ornaments that date back to the year I was born, and when my boys move out and start their own families, their ornament collections will go to their new homes to decorate their own Christmas Tree.  (My mom has on her own tree an ornament made each year by my grandmother that she was a child.) The Big One has an extensive ornament collection that includes the Steelers (his favorite team), Zoo Animals, and Harry Potter— all favorites during particular stages of his life.  The Little Monkey just has his “My First Christmas” ornaments, but it’s time to grow his collection.  Using my cutting machine (one can use either a Silhouette or Cricut machine), I decided to create some easy glitter and vinyl ornaments that featured special firsts for my boys.  We just went to see Santa, and had our Little Monkey cry hysterically, so I made a Santa ornament for him.  For the Big One I made a special Minecraft ornament.  He’s obsessed with Minecraft right now.
Older school-aged children, tweens and teens love Minecraft. It's an fun computer game that is enjoyed by so many boys and girls. I wanted to create a special Minecraft ornament for my son, and using a clear cube ornament, glitter and vinyl, I created an easy DIY Minecraft creeper ornament. I also show how to use the technique to create a Santa Belt ornament. This works great with any cutting machine, either a Cricut or Silhouette. A Free Cut File for the Creeper is included in the post so you can make your very own Easy Glitter and Vinyl Minecraft Ornament for your Christmas tree.

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A Flocked Heat Transfer Onesie for a Special Disney Auntie

We just got home last night from vacation.  (If you’d like to catch up with our trip, check out these pictures.)  It was a very busy 10 days, and I’m kind of extremely tired.  We got to see a lot of wonderful things.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a few months, you might remember that my fabulous sister-in-law works at Walt Disney World. I think she has the best perks of any employee anywhere, and one of her job benefits is her ability to bring in her friends and family into Disney World gratis at certain times of the year (not every day, but she gets a generous number of passes and entry allowances). This means that we get to visit Walt Disney World at least once a year.  To get us ready for our spectacular Disney vacation, and to show our appreciation to a wonderful auntie, I got out to try my hand at one of the items on my Silhouette checklist.  I used some Flocked Heat Transfer material from Silhouette, and was pleased with how easy it was to make this onesie for a favorite auntie.

My Mom Made That: Disney Onesie
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