Upcycled, No Sew Diaper Box for Storage

We have a lot of diaper boxes in our house.  Not as many as before, now that the Monkey only wears pull-ups at night, but we’ve got a lot of Huggies boxes sitting around.  Many are in our basement holding toys and clothes.  Overall, I have found that they are incredible durable and strong boxes, and can be repurposed for many things.  We also have a lot of blankets or “woobies” in our house.  The little boys seem to love all of their quilts, receiving blankets and afghans that they have received since their birth, and I’m running out of places to store them.  That got me to thinking that what I needed to do– make my very own upcycled no sew diaper box to store all  boxof the boys’ woobies.  Now I recently bought a huge box of Huggies at Sam’s Club, which I’m going to tell you about later, but realized that the box wouldn’t fit underneath the Peanut’s Crib.  I decided to cover a slightly smaller Huggies box to create a storage container for the Littles’ woobies.
Cardboard diaper boxes are sturdy and great to upcycle. Here's an easy tutorial to cover your own Huggies Diaper box. It's an easy DIY project and you can line the box and personalize the storage with felt letters. Project was sponsored by Huggies Diapers. [Read more…]

Beware of Animals Vinyl Toy Box

The Christmas after the Big One turned one, I started a collection of little plastic animals.  It started with an African Elephant actually, by Safari Ltd.  He loved his Elephant, and well, I love collecting things, so the collection then grew to include a lion and giraffe, and then… an Okapi and a Yak.  I started getting him Schleich animals too.  I’ve lost count of how many animals we have, and the the Big One played with them until he was in First Grade.  He then moved on the Schleich knights, and I packed all of his animals up into a banker’s box and put them away.  It was a very full banker’s box.  Right before Christmas, I got the box out of storage, and showed the animals to the Monkey, and he was intrigued.  I was thrilled to get to have someone to share the collection with again, and even the the Big One played with them.  However, we really needed a better storage option, so I decided to make a special Beware of the Animals Toy Storage Container.
By layering vinyl, you can create dimensional and colorful designs, like this Beware of the Animals Toy storage container that used animals patterns and vinyl to create a colorful toy box.

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