Relaxing Homemade Bath Salts

Last year as a Teacher Appreciation gift, I made a homemade sugar scrub, and then one year I made lavender sachets.  This year, I decided to make some relaxing homemade bath salts.  I’ve made a few versions of bath salts before, but this year I used dried lavender as a primary ingredient.  I’m pleased with how these turned out, and the jars that I found at Target along with the personalized gift tags I made with my Cricut Explore Air, really made me proud of how the jar of homemade bath salts turned out.  If you’d like to make some for yourself, here’s how.

Have you ever made your own Bath Salts? With a few ingredients, including your favorite essential oils, you can make a jar full of relaxing homemade bath salts that are wonderful to give as a homemade gift!

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Teacher Appreciation Lavender Sachet

The end of the school year is just around the corner, and this year it’s bittersweet.  The Big One is finishing up his last year on Elementary School, and soon he’ll be off to Middle School.   In just a few weeks, it will be Teacher Appreciation week for his class.  We just finished Teacher Appreciation week for the Little Monkey’s preschool, and surprisingly both schools handle the weeks in a similar manner.  Teachers get lunch brought to them one day, flowers another, and on Friday, they receive a larger class gift that is usually a giftcard.  I think they can appreciate and use the giftcard more than any gift I can come up with, but I like to send something handmade from the heart.  This year I made Teacher Appreciation Lavender sachets. My Mom Made That: Teacher Appreciation Lavender Sachets [Read more…]