Improving Sleep Hygiene

Sleep Hygiene is something that I’ve talked a lot about in life. Mellow Man might even say that I harp on it. I don’t mean to, but sleep is SO important. It is critical for so many aspects of health—physical health, mental health, parenting health. Unhealthy sleep habits affect mood, brain functioning, weight and your immune system. It’s critical for all of us. And here’s the reality. Moms are tired.   Our sleep hygiene is crummy. I know, you are shocked, right? Like many other mommies out there, I am fueled by caffeine and faith.  So the question is– what can we, as mothers, do to improve our sleep hygiene, and overall wellbeing?  Well, there are a lot of options, and I’ve been trying out a number of them, as a part of my goal to get healthier this year (remember, I’m turning 40?!)  I’m going to share a bunch of my tips and tricks, as well as what I do when I’m struggling with insomnia from a day filled with too much juggling — Melatonin from Natrol. Actually, it was recommended by doctor, so when they asked me to write about their product, I jumped at the chance.

Sleep is so important for health and wellbeing, and moms don't get enough of it! Here are some great tips and tricks for helping improve sleep hygiene and overall health-- just what every mom out there needs {Sponsored by Natrol}
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