Bok Tower Gardens at Christmas

I don’t normally write about other homes, but I do talk about travel with my family. I am also focusing this Christmas on finding ways to enjoy time with my family, and searching for an inner peace and contentment away from the frenzy and excess that can be Christmas. We just returned from a week long trip to Florida with our family, and each day we did something with the boys. One of those activities was a visit to Bok Tower Gardens in Wales City, which is about an hour East of Orlando. They decorate Pinewood Estate, the home at Bok Tower Gardens for Christmas. I love touring historic homes, and I love Christmas decorations. For me, this is one of the nicest Christmas homes that I have seen in a long time. It really inspired me to come home and decorate for the holidays, which is well under the way right now.

My Mom Made That: Bok Tower Gardens at Christmas
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A Flocked Heat Transfer Onesie for a Special Disney Auntie

We just got home last night from vacation.  (If you’d like to catch up with our trip, check out these pictures.)  It was a very busy 10 days, and I’m kind of extremely tired.  We got to see a lot of wonderful things.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a few months, you might remember that my fabulous sister-in-law works at Walt Disney World. I think she has the best perks of any employee anywhere, and one of her job benefits is her ability to bring in her friends and family into Disney World gratis at certain times of the year (not every day, but she gets a generous number of passes and entry allowances). This means that we get to visit Walt Disney World at least once a year.  To get us ready for our spectacular Disney vacation, and to show our appreciation to a wonderful auntie, I got out to try my hand at one of the items on my Silhouette checklist.  I used some Flocked Heat Transfer material from Silhouette, and was pleased with how easy it was to make this onesie for a favorite auntie.

My Mom Made That: Disney Onesie
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