Quick and Easy DIY Ghost Pumpkin

There are certain activities that we do every year to celebrate the fall around our house.  For example, we visit our Church Pumpkin Patch, and have lunch there on afternoon.  We go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the Scarecrows in the Garden.  The little boys participate in the neighborhood Halloween parade.  The best part of the last 3 months of the year is all of the wonderful celebrates and family activities in our community, and I’m sure that most people have similar community activities that help you celebrate Halloween and the fall.   Plus, there are is a new Moonlight Madness family event at our local Atlanta-Area Krogers.  Pumpkin picking is likely one of my most favorite fall family activities.  We tend to pick quite a few decorative ones that we won’t carve,  so this year I used a few basic shapes in on my Cricut Explore Air™ to make a quick and easy DIY ghost pumpkin (or two) with vinyl.

What are you family traditions? We love picking pumpkins and carving them, and this Easy DIY Ghost Pumpkin idea with Vinyl allows you to take your pumpkin from Halloween to Thanksgiving. If you are looking to carve your pumpkins, stop by the awesome holiday gear selection at Kroger's in the Greater Atlanta Area. They have an awesome supply of decorations, and on October 27th from 4-7pm. {Sponsored by Kroger}
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Living on Caffeine and Jesus Shirt: Heat Transfer Tips

You know, I’ve made a few onesies for the Monkey in the past, but today I want to show you a t-shirt that I made for myself. With a quote about motherhood that I love. I love how it turned out, and it was my first time using smooth heat transfer. However, I need to tell you the back story. About two weeks ago, I got a real treat. I went.. wait for it… by myself, to Salt Lake City.  Seriously! For the first time since before the sweet Monkey was born, 3 and a half years ago, I went away. And I did feel guilty, and I did miss my sweet angels. But, I got to see so many cool things, and meet so many amazing and creative women at Snap. While I was there, I got to spend an afternoon at Cricut’s offices and was introduced to all of the coolness that is that product.

I've fallen in love with my new Cricut Explore Air. I made this t-shirt using Smooth Heat-Transfer Vinyl with my favorite saying, "Living on a little bit of Caffeine and a whole lot of Jesus T Shirt." I am sharing a few tips and tricks on what I have learned about the Cricut Explore Air
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Halloween Spooky Eyes Luminaries

I was driving along the other day, and this memory of a scene from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland popped into my mind.  Alice is lost in the Tulgey Woods and sees these spooky eyes in the woods.  (If you are really curious about the image, a quick Google image search for Tulgey Woods, should yield the image that I am referring to.)  Then I started thinking about all of the times, this image appeared in animated movies for situations where people are lost and scared– Brightly colored eyes reflecting back from the woods.  I decided to see if I could recreate this look with Halloween luminaries. I know traditionally that luminaries are paper, and I love the look of paper luminaries.  For this project, I used jars and glow sticks, so we could reuse the luminaries, and given the busyness of the Little Monkey’s chubby little hands these days, I wanted to reduce fire risk.

My Mom Made That: Spooky Eyed Halloween Luminaries
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Too Cute to Be Crabby Onesie {Summer Fun Series}

I’m excited today to be a part of the Summer Fun series that is being hosted by Emily over at Nap-Time Creations.  Today there are four other summer-inspired projects that you can visit on four other blogs (links are at the bottom of the page!)  Our family is planning on taking a brief vacation to the beach this summer, and I wanted to make sure that the Little Monkey was dressed in style with some beachy attire.  I found a pair of swim trunks and a matching beach hat with a happy looking crab on it, and I really thought that the Little Monkey needed a matching Onesie.  Using flocked HTV and my Silhouette Portrait, I was easily able to whip up a onesie that will go perfect with his beach clothes.  This particular pattern required me to build upon the HTV process that I used to make the Captain America Romper.  Here’s how I made a flocked HTV onesie without layering the HTV.

My Mom Made That: Crabby Onesie
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Captain America Romper

Superheros seem to be a theme around here these days.  I’m working on a few projects right now that involve superheros, and previously, I made these knobs, and these mugs.  I guess a house full of boys will do that.  With the Fourth of July being just around the corner, I decided that Captain America would be the perfect superhero for the Little Monkey’s Fourth of July outfit.  This was a quick and easy project with Silhouette Flocked HTV, and the Captain American symbol and shield is an easy design to create.  This could have easily been a t-shirt or onesie, but I used a romper by Rabbit Skins that I found at Amazon. (Affiliate Link.) These come in many different sizes and colors, and are perfect to create a patriotic Captain America Romper.

My Mom Made This: Captain America Romper
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