Spider Web Washi Tape Popcorn Box

I attend Snap Conference this past April, and learned about this really awesome event that is hosted by Laura Kelly over at Me and My Inklings and World Market.  It’s a Popcorn Box Party where each blogger takes a popcorn box from World Market and uses craft materials to create a halloween inspired popcorn design.  Sounds amazing right?  Well, I started thinking and thinking, and I got this idea to make a spider web design with fishing line and shimmery black cardstock.  I had the image in my head, so I went looking for spiders.  And while I was shopping for the supplies, I found this amazing and shimmery washi tape, and I thought, “Why should I make the project any harder than I have to?”  You know what I mean?  Sometimes bloggers and crafters go for the  challenging path, rather than the obvious craft solution.  I picked up two rolls of the washi tape, and the end result was adorable, and I got my spiderweb look without all of the hassle.  Here’s how I made my own Spider Web Washi Tape Popcorn Box.

Take your traditional popcorn box to another level with this fun and spooky Spider web design using Washi Tape. This project will take about 30 minutes to create your very own spider web washi tape popcorn box for #PopcornBoxParty2016
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A Jar of Emotions: Talking About Feelings

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A few days ago, the Mellow Man asked me how our dog Angus seemed at the vet.  I believe I said, “He seemed dejected.  I think he felt abandoned, and he had this lonely, depressed look about him.”  The Mellow Man asked me how many other ways I told tell him that the dog appeared sad.  You see, I’m big on feeling words.  In part, it may be due to an occupational hazard of being a psychologist, but I think I was probably hardwired to talk about my emotions.  My mother has always told me that you always know how I’m feeling– I never hold back.   Emotion words are powerful, and I think they are really important for kids to learn how to use.  In honor of the fabulous, new Disney movie, Inside Out, I’ve created a Emotion Awareness dinner table activity that is perfect way to start talking about emotions with kids in your family.  It’s a “Jar of Emotions.”

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Washi Tape and Vinyl Valentine’s Day Coasters

A few years ago, I made some coasters with 4.5 inch bathroom titles that you can buy at any home improvement store.  Other than the two that were broken by the Little Monkey when he threw them across the room, they’ve held up pretty well.   I had four of the tiles left, and lots of red washi tape.  I’ve seen a wide variety of washi tape coasters, and I got to thinking that washi tape, plus my Silhouette Portrait, some vinyl and the bathroom tiles could make some festive Valentine’s Day coasters!  I thought that I could do a reverse pattern to use up the remaining bits of glossy red vinyl that was left over from the Valentine’s Day canvases that I showed you last week.

My Mom Made That: Washi Tape and Vinyl Valentine's Day Coasters
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Washi Tape and Vinyl Knock Please Sign

Have I mentioned how much I love having a cutting machine?  I don’t think I’ve shared my love for it in the last few posts, but really, having something that cuts vinyl, stickers and paper allows you to make some really cool things.  I have to be honest, one of the things that I was looking forward to the most was the chance to make vinyl signs.  I’ve ordered vinyl for some of my previous projects, and I really wanted to be able to make my own custom signs.  In addition to vinyl, I’m loving washi tape– there are so many colors and designs available.  I’m always at a bit of a loss for incorporating it into my craft projects, but we had this white sign laying around the house.  The Big One had plans of making a sign for his door, about 6 months ago, and I found it buried under a collection of papers on his desk.  I realized that I could use washi tape  and vinyl to make a sign for the Big One’s door that suited his adolescent attitude these days.  On more than one occasion recently, I’ve found a “Keep Out!” or “Do Not Enter!” sign on his bedroom door.  I felt that making him a polite “Knock Please” sign would help him realize that we understood that he was growing up.

My Mom Made That: Washi Tape and Vinyl Sign
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