Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath

It’s less than a month to the Fourth of July.  Can you believe it? Do you have patriotic decorations ready?  Honestly, I don’t.  I’ve just gotten started.  I’ve got a couple of projects in the works, and the one that I’m sharing today is my first completed patriotic craft of the season.  Of course, it’s a wreath because as Mellow Man tells everyone– we may not be completely decorated around here, but we have a wreath for every holiday!  For this Fourth of July, I made a wreath with chevron burlap ribbon and felt pinwheels.  It was a quick and easy way to add to my holiday wreath collection, and I’m delighted with how it turned out.  I think I need to make a few more pinwheels for decorations, but I’m really enjoying my Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath.

My Mom Made That: Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath
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The Wreath that Started It All…

About a year and a half ago,  I remember sitting at work and having my coworkers talk about Pinterest, and how addicting it was.  One coworker said that her 17-year-old daughter was using Pinterest to plan her wedding and decorate a nursery.  Initially I was a bit confused, as her daughter wasn’t seriously involved with anyone, nor was she pregnant.  Then I got an invite, and I was hooked.  I learned that I didn’t have to use it to plan weddings or decorate my nursery… I could pin recipes and crafts.  I hadn’t been using my craft supplies in several years, and they had been boxed up and stored away.  Pinterest inspired me to get out my cardstock and heatgun and ink pads and yarn and all the other craft supplies gathering dust in my house.
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