Our family loves the candy Dots. MM loves them, I love them, Frog loves them… Monkey hasn’t tried any yet, but he’s played with empty boxes, and he seems to like those.  They are perfect snack candy, and I love that our Target sells the nice sized movie theater boxes for $1.

My Mom Made That: Dots Wreath

Last year around Christmas when I first found Pinterest, I noticed a number of wreaths were made from candies, such as starlight mints.  Well, the next time I was munching on a few Dots, I got the idea that our family needed a Dots wreath.  I got to working on it, using the original, translucent Dots.  It was lovely and I hung it on our back door.  I left it up for about 3 months.  Frog was very proud of it too, when friends came over, he’s show it to them and say, “See that wreath, it’s made out of Dots.  My mom made that.  Isn’t it cool?”

Well, one day, the door was slammed too hard, and the wreath fell, and shattered.  Really shattered, and unfortunately, it couldn’t be put back together.  (This was the second wreath of mine that was destroyed.  I seem to have bad luck!)  I told MM that I’d make another one when I got the chance.

Last week I was in Target looking in the Easter aisle, and I saw Easter Dots.  I grabbed a box for me and MM, and headed home.  I opened it in the car on the way home– just for quality control purposes!  When I looked at the Dots, I fell in love.  They were gorgeous.  Rich, vibrant, opaque colors.  There was this lovely blue color in the mix.  I knew I was going to remake my Dots wreath.

Luckily, I had a spare wreath form lying around the house, and I wrapped it in yellow grosgrain ribbon.  I like making sure that even the back of my wreaths are pretty!

My Mom Made That: Dots Wreath

Now, I didn’t use a glue gun for this project. I tried it with the last wreath and learned two things. 1) Those long spider-webby glue gun strings stick horribly to Dots candy; 2) You can’t easily reposition Dots after placing them with a glue gun. Instead of my glue gun I used dressmaker’s pins.  You stick the head of each pin into the back of the dot, and then it works like a pushpin that you stick into the wreath form.  This allows for great repositioning.  Dots are very soft, so it’s very easy to stick the small head of a dressmaker’s pin into the candy.

My Mom Made That: Dots Wreath

It took about 2 hours, 12 boxes of Easter Dots, and 2 packages of straight pins to make the wreath. (In case you’d like to make one for yourself.) I bought 14 boxes of Dots to make sure that I had enough. Interestingly I learned through this project that the Red Easter Dots were the most common color in the boxes. By the time I opened the seventh box, I had lots of extra red ones.  Don’t worry, no Dots were wasted in the making of this project!  They were enjoyed by everyone though.

Once I finished, I sealed the Dots with a spray sealer and looped a piece of aqua grosgrain ribbon around the wreath. It’s a heavy wreath too with all of those Dots, but I love the color choices. I actually think that it looks more like a Spring/Summer wreath with its vibrant colors, so I think it will be hanging on my backdoor for a while.My Mom Made That: Dots Wreath